With Nathan banished into another dimension, Duke and Audrey are left to strategize about how to get him back. When Audrey makes the assumption that Nathan's "ghost" must have some type of residual electromagnetic field, Duke reluctantly makes the decision to call the Darkside Seekers, Haven's resident ghost hunters. Once Seth from the Darkside Seekers shows up, he's quickly able to detect Nathan's presence. The problem is creating a way to talk to him. Using old police radios, Seth starts creating what he hopes will work as some type of inter-dimensional communicator.

Meanwhile, in limbo land, Nathan is trying to track down Reggie, a disgruntled member of The Guard who blames Nathan for the Troubles.  Nathan thinks that it must be Reggie who killed another ghost who was trying to help Nathan escape from limbo. Morgan, the ghost who has been most helpful to Nathan, decides to tag along and the two of them confront Reggie at The Guard's secret hideout. While there, the three of them get into a fight and Reggie ends up dead, shot in the back by Morgan.

In the real world, Audrey and Duke have made some progress. They've been able to determine that Morgan's fiancée, Amy, is the source of the Trouble. Sadly, they can't figure out how the Trouble works and they decide to do the unthinkable: Ask Mara for her insight. Mara refuses to help without being given something in return so Duke agrees to tell Mara about the challenges he's had with his mother. Duke shares more than he intended and, true to her word, Mara helps him figure out how the Trouble works.

Armed with this new information, Audrey and Seth work with Amy to solve the Trouble. Turns out that Amy sends people into the limbo zone by taking pictures of them and printing them out. Amy deliberately sends Audrey and herself into limbo but quickly discovers that her fiancé Morgan is no longer the man she once knew. He's been killing people in order to stay in limbo and avoid the cancer of his real body. Once Nathan and Audrey solve the Trouble, however, Morgan has to accept his impending demise when everything returns to normal.

Meanwhile, Dave and Vince have their own troubles. When a doctor takes a sample of the scar on Dave's leg, Dave gets worried that he'll end up as a lab rat once they discover his scar is otherworldly. Vince tries to steal the tissue sample but gets caught and Dave has to bail him out by pretending to be a police officer. They think they've gotten away with it when, suddenly, someone from the Centers for Disease Control shows up in Haven looking for Dave.