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Gonna Make You Sweat

S2 - E6 |
Aired: 12/13/2020
All that TV time is making the gang flabby, so they embark on a workout regimen. OH, BOY! 11:54

A Long Strange Trip

S2 - E5 |
Aired: 12/06/2020
The gang takes a psychedelic trip that makes their world even weirder than usual. OH, BOY! 11:45

BET-C Versus The House

S2 - E4 |
Aired: 11/29/2020
BET-C spurns the Controlled Home Automated Zystem (CHAZ) and it starts acting up. OH, BOY! 11:18

Welcome To The New 'Murica

S2 - E3 |
Aired: 11/22/2020
Just because the USA is rubble doesn't mean Andrew can't enjoy the 4th of July. OH, BOY! 11:09

Enter The Ghoulie

S2 - E1 |
Aired: 11/15/2020
The gang makes a new friend in the basement: the annoying Ghoulie. OH, BOY! 11:17

My Sister, The Demon

S2 - E1 |
Aired: 11/08/2020
Andrew's sister returns, but she's head-spinningly different. OH, BOY! 11:33