Julian Morse

Dennis Haysbert

Head of Security and the most feared man in Spiga’s US Headquarters.  A former military officer and tenacious investigator with an uncanny ability to sniff out spies and traitors in the company, in his private life, Julian is a loving husband and father who does everything he can to keep his family separate from the brutality of his work. Lines will be crossed when he suspects that there’s a mole inside Spiga and begins to work relentlessly to sniff him out… putting him on a collision course with Ben.

About Dennis Haysbert

Dennis Haysbert captured the attention of audiences and critics alike with his groundbreaking role as President David Palmer on FOX’s hit series 24 (2001), for which he received his first Golden Globe nomination and two Screen Actors Guild nominations. Dennis has had a prolific acting career spanning over 30 years, including a starring role in the CBS series The Unit (2006). He also appears in the BBC TV miniseries Undercover and WB’s comedy Fist Fight.

Dennis is also recognizable to many audiences as a third-party advocate for Allstate Insurance, having appeared in commercials for the company since 2003. He is active in the fight against AIDS and in 2000 was the spokesperson for the Harlem Health Expo Break the Silence as well as The Western Center on Law and Poverty. He has done many USO tours, most recently in Italy, Germany, Southwest Asia, Afghanistan and aboard a Naval Ship.

You can follow Dennis Haysbert on Twitter. @HaysbertDennis