The Syfy Awards for Most Important Hair

Friday, August 12, 2016 - 07:00

So we were watching Killjoys (which, by the way, if you are not, what's wrong with you) and noticed that Season 2 is rocking some very distinct hairstyles. Episode 7 features some very gorgeous Jheri Curl realness from Dutch. See exhibit A:



Throw in Pawter, Turin's quite impressive mane and Killjoys Season 2 is on hair point. So, naturally, this inspired us to give out awards for best Syfy hair.

Nominess for Best Braids: Kady (The Magicians) / Alvis (Killjoys)  / Dutch (Killjoys)


And the winner is… Kady! For versatility (half-braids / half- down) and coming with cornrow correctness.

Nominees for Best Blowout: Julia (The Magicians) / Turin (Killjoys) / Two (Dark Matter)

And the winner is… Two! Julia was a close runner up but Two is proof that a good conditioner is not conditional.  

Nominees for Best Side Bangs: Eliot (The Magicians) / Quentin (The Magicians) / Naomi (The Expanse)

And the winner is… Eliot! We enjoy his version of “side swept” with added soft ringlets for dramatic affect. Multitasking like a hair boss. Also, it looks good with a cigarette (KIDS DON'T SMOKE). 

Best Baldie: Jason (Ghost Hunters)  / Pree (Killjoys)

And the winner is… Pree! Because we love a man who knows how to accessorize. #whathairenvy?

Best Use Of Color: Pawter (Killjoys) / Five (Dark Matter)

And the winner is… Five! For leaving us green with envy.

Best Fade: Four (Dark Matter) / Six (Dark Matter)

And the winner is… it's a tie! … Mostly because we don’t want to piss either one of these dudes off.

Most Pinterest-Worthy: The Android (Dark Matter)/ Misaki (Dark Matter) / Waverly (Wynonna Earp)

And the winner is… Waverly. Wait - what’s the sound? Oh, that's just 1,000 brides swooning in unison.

Best Side Pony: Chrisjen (The Expanse) and Dutch (Killjoys)

And the winner is… Dutch! Her braid game needs some work but this side pony, which she may or may not use as a weapon, is on point.