Krypton News

Meet the Villains of Krypton

May 16 - 2:46pm

Bad, Badder, Baddest, Bastich. Meet the villains of Krypton.

Meet Lobo: The Galaxy's Greatest Bounty Hunter

May 13 - 2:20pm

Emmett Scanlan is Lobo -- one of Krypton’s newest and most eccentric villains in Season 2 -- in this exclusive interview and behind-the-scenes feature!

8 Things to Look Out for in the Krypton Season 2 Trailer

Apr 19 - 9:51am

This week, the first official Krypton Season 2 trailer was released and things have not only gotten bigger and badder, but also BASTICH! Let’s break down all the awesome bits you need to look out for. (Warning: Contains Season 1...

Krypton Season 2 Premieres June 12 at 10/9c

Apr 18 - 5:59pm

THIS JUST IN: A new season of Krypton is flying to SYFY soon.

Watch Season 1 of Krypton

Apr 5 - 11:06am

Fly on over to DC Universe to catch up on the adventures, before Season 2 premieres.

Emmett J Scanlan Cast as Lobo For Krypton's Season 2 Villain

Oct 9 - 5:46pm

You might know Lobo as the interstellar bounty hunter with the bitchin' leather vest. He's collaborated and faced off against Supes over the years, but now he's arriving on the world of Krypton in the form of Irish Actor Emmett J. Scanlan. Just look at that smolder!

Krypton Renewed for Season 2!

May 22 - 10:03am

YAAAASSS! Krypton's renewed for Season 2, and we're absolutely pumped because after tomorrow's finale, we know we're all going to have a lot of questions!! Mainly, will Daron ever stop being such a sniveling sleaze bag - although we're pretty sure we know the answer to that one...


Krypton's Top 12 SUPER Moments to End the Season

May 15 - 1:59pm

Krypton Episodes 7-9 are filled with some SUPER moments. It was a grueling process, but we've managed, once again, to narrow them down to 12.