Lyta - Zod

Georgina Campbell

Torn between proving herself worthy of the Zod name and her innate desire to help and heal the people of Krypton, Lyta-Zod is fierce and compassionate. Lyta's journey of self-discovery means forging her own destiny in the face of what society dictates. 

About Georgina Campbell

Campbell has most recently starred in “Tripped” opposite Blake Harrison and alongside Jaime Winstone in “After Hours,” in BAFTA nominated “Flowers” with Oliva Coleman, and in “Broadchurch.”

Campbell also took a lead role in “One Of Us” and can be seen playing alongside Jude Law in Guy Ritchie’s feature film “Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.” Additionally, Campbell starred in Idris Elba’s short film story “Five By Five.”

A winner of the prestigious Best Leading Actress award at 2015’s BAFTA Awards for her performance in “Murdered by my Boyfriend,” Campbell’s other television roles include the “Noah- The Ark,” “One Night” and “Ice Cream Girls.” You can currently see her in the latest season of “Black Mirror.”