Lost Girl Episodes



After Dyson regains some of his strength following Saskia's assault, he realizes he can't go another minute without coming clean to Bo. He tells her that Saskia, whose real name is Aoife, is her mother, and that he's known for a long time, but kept the secret in service to Trick.


Bo and Dyson, currently in a smooth patch, were going to take a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, but when Kenzi's friend, Neville, comes to them for help finding his missing cousin, Thumper, they can't turn their backs on him.


A bloody, half-dressed Dyson stumbles into the Dal Riata and calls for sanctuary, which Trick readily gives, but since three witnesses saw Dyson threaten a Dark Fae named Ba'al in a bar owned by the nefarious Vex, and the bite marks on Ba'al match those of a wolf like Dyson, keeping the...


When a sweetgirl named Allison meets a great guy after speed dating one night, she invites him home, but upon waking up alone, she's filled with shame. After scrawling words like, "whore, slut, dirty" on the wall, she draws a bath, steps into it, and holds a hairdryer under the water.


It's La Shoshain, the holiest of Fae holidays, when all Fae, Light and Dark, put aside their animosities and celebrate together to commemorate the legendary Blood King. No violence may be used today, and Fae of warring clans not only lay down their arms, but may lay down together.


Bo's been mixing it up with some unsavory characters in the search for her mother, including a vampire named Siegfried. In exchange for some medical bags of blood, Siegfried leads Bo to a woman named LuAnn currently on Death Row for the murder of her stepchildren.


A string of murder-suicides have gone down in one neighborhood, and while Dyson and Hale investigate, who should they run into but Bo and Kenzi - the latter picking up some extra cash by posing as a medium who can cleanse the dark spirits from the houses.


Lauren and Bo have been spending a lot of time together so that Bo can learn to control her feeding urges, but Lauren has to work hard to tamp down her romantic feelings for Bo.


Kenzi is doing her best to earn a little cash via the P.I.


Ever since Bo found Dyson with another woman, she's been inconsolable. Little does she know that, across town at the police station, Dyson's handling heartbreak his own way, and his frustration at having to let go of Bo for the sake of the Light Fae is taking its toll.