Lost Girl Episodes



After Rosettes immolated exit, both Bo and Rainer feel the crushing weight of the wanderer's power as the dark entity struggles to unfasten the final shackles holding him with Hel.


Buckle your seatbelts and hold onto your Chi, because the penultimate episode of Lost Girl’s fourth season sure is a doozy!


When the episode opens with Kenzi prepping for a Zombie movie marathon with Tamsin, then you know that some real life undead are just around the corner! Cue Bo innocently rummaging through the fridge only to be attacked by a shambling, drooling creature called a Revenant.


After an ominous opening in which Bo's blood-splattered face tilts serenely towards the recently revealed Reiner who coaxes her with the words "It had to be done." We're off on a jaunt with the side-kick-squad punctuated by flashbacks to Bo's spotty timeline on the cosmic express.


When last we left Bo she had just received a special delivery from the void in her memory in the form of a pinterest-worthy mason jar filled with the very same black smoke that spirited her away nearly a season ago.


If any Lost Girl fans were concerned that the succubus had lost her mojo, allow this episode to allay all concerns. This one has it all. Sexy car washes, implied threesomes, Kenzi's first time with a Fae and even a little Bo on Tamsin action! But let's not get ahead of ourselves.


When last we left Bo and the gang, Dyson was being dragged off by the Una Mens for the so-wrong-it's-right crime of getting down and dirty with an irresistible succubus who just so happens to be aligned with the Dark.


Just as everyone is getting settled in the Season 4 status quo, a runway ready, couture-clad opera singing Fae busts onto the scene frantic for a little help from a certain succubus.


Episode 5 picks up right where we left off – with Bo facing the Una Mens being told that she has officially thrown in her lot with the Dark.


In true Lost Girl fashion, the season's fourth episode opens on Bo and Dyson engaged in a seriously sweaty sparring session. They may not remember their inter-dimensional jaunt, but some things are just like riding a bike.