Paranormal Witness: We Want Your Scary Stories

Did you have an encounter with the paranormal that you feel would make for a good episode of Paranormal Witness? We are looking for more amazing, unusual and –- most of all –- terrifying true-life horror stories. If you have any incredible paranormal stories you can recommend for the series, it would be fantastic to hear them.

In case you are new to the show, Paranormal Witness is a drama-documentary where the story is told from the perspective of multiple eyewitnesses in their own words. The show does not use narration and but rather dramatization, which is done with the production standards of a feature film. For more information, check out Syfy's website for Paranormal Witness.

Paranormal Witness always like to hear about scary haunted houses but is also interested in stories that are a bit different, such as roadside hauntings, poltergeist activity, possessions, reincarnations, unexplained mysteries, stories of cryptozoology, witches and even UFOs.

Paranormal Witness is particularly interested in hearing about hauntings in locations that are a bit off the beaten path, such as asylums or schools/colleges. Maybe there's an incredible history attached to the haunted location. Anything that's out of the ordinary!

The key ingredients for a successful story on Paranormal Witness are multiple eyewitnesses and engaging personalities that felt genuine fear and whose experiences developed and escalated over time, ideally with some kind of resolution. For example, being forced from a house by spirits or an exorcism - it's these kinds of stories that make for really good, exciting television.

If you think you can help or would like more information about the type of stories we are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the production company behind Paranormal Witness, Raw TV at

Be careful not to include any sensitive personal information (such as date of birth, social security number, or driver's license number), or any health or financial data with your message.