Life After Paranormals: Season 1, Episode 2 (Part 1)

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 07:00

Dave Stautzenbach talks about losing a daughter, saving a grandson and the guardian angel he believes was responsible for it all upon the aftermath of "Haunted Highway."

What do you think happened? Was it Christine?
Yes, I do. She believed in guardian angels and so do I. And so did my wife--she died the same day as Chris. She died June 6, 2010 and Chris died June 6, 1994. And that's also my sister's birthday, the one who had the premonition.

Had your sister had other premonitions before?
Yes, but nothing like that. They were usually about people getting sick, things like that. To this day she'll say to me, "Dave, you have to stay home today," and believe me, I do.

Did Christine ever have any psychic incidents?
No, she didn't. I did. When I was 16 I was in the riptide in California and got jammed at the bottom and couldn't get to the top and I thought, "This is it." Then suddenly I felt a hand raise me to the top. I didn't tell anyone about it for 30 years.

My wife was also in a car accident in 1983, and they told me she would never walk or talk again, she was in a coma. But I knew she would be out of the coma in 12 days and walk out of the hospital in three months, and that's what happened.

How did you get through the tragedies in your life?
I have a group I go to Tuesday nights for people who've lost a child or mate, and we come up with ideas on how to cope. Because your future's gone, you have to build a new one.

Have you ever met the woman who saw Christine on the side of the road?
Yes, we've spoken a few times. There was also a man who had the same vision that she did and called it in, but he wants to stay anonymous.

Did you and your wife raise Nicky?
Yes, and oh boy, we went through a lot. Everyone and their uncle wanted custody of him. And Family Support had to come and visit the house and interview my wife and I. Eventually we had to adopt him. And now he's got a little daughter--I'm a great-grandfather!