Life After Paranormals: Season 2, Episode 11

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 07:00

We sat down with Alain Camiling, who shared his harrowing experience at the famed Hollywood sign in "The Hollywood Sign Haunting."

Had you believed in the paranormal before the Hollywood sign incident?
Not really, not to hat extent, no. I didn't have any hardcore belief in it.

Do you feel you'd had paranormal instances in the past but never realized it?
Absolutely. After that happened it made me take a step back and reevaluate things that happened to me that I've seen and dismissed.

Yeah, I mean even before the show I've entered a community where we look for different things - like doing strange occurrences, investigations. And the show has exposed them more, and a lot of people have been willing to share things they haven't before. I was very hesitant to share that story with any show because of what license they would take with it, and actually the paranormal community has come down on it. What we saw was the Holy Grail of all evidence - an intelligent being and full-bodied apparition, and the show only showed a spooky face.

Have you been back?
I went back in 1999 with a group that I'd formed with a couple friends who informally did investigations but we were chased out by security

I'm convinced it was a spirit - was it Peg Entwistle or the spirit who took on Peg Entwistle.

Being so much older now, at first I was pretty traumatized - we all were, we didn't talk about it for a year or two. But as I started to look for answers, I found I was super lucky. I lost my sister in 2009, and I'm already religious, but if I didn't have that proof, I might not have handled her passing as well as I did.