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A group of paranormal investigators become trapped in an abandoned haunted hospital.

While vacationing, a couple is abducted by aliens and subjected to horrific experiments.

Guests check in, but don't seem to check out, of an old Victorian hotel. Can one bride stop the hauntings?

Murderous inmates and dangerous spirits collide during a prison's night shift.

When you're on an isolated ranch and terrorized by wolf-like creatures, who will hear you scream?

A dark and terrible secret lies within a pit beneath a guesthouse.

A long-dead serial killer may just start a new reign of terror with one family as his victims.

A young couple awakens the monstrous Mothman, who follows them home. That's when the real problems start.

A war veteran and his family are terrorized by a malicious demon.

Satan goes 2.0 when a young man enters a contract with the Devil through his computer.