Paranormal Witness Episodes

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Subject Names: Don Decker, Bob Kieffer and his wife Jeannie, Bob's landlord Ron and his wife, Officer John Baujaun, Dave Keenhold
Subject Location: Stroudsberg, PA, 1983

Subject Names: Amy Moore, Alyssa Noller, Detective Dave McGann, Casey and Bill Moore
Subject Location: Mansfield, Connecticut
Paranormal Experience: A former mental asylum still haunted by its victims.

Subject Names:  Susan Lewis, her daughter Jamie, Matt and his daughter Marie
Subject Location:  California
Paranormal Experience: A pernicious poltergeist

Haunted Highway

Subject Names:  Deborah Hoyt, Deputy Rick Strasser, and the family of Christine Skubish
Subject Location:  Highway 50 near Sacramento, California

Emily the Imaginary Friend

Subject Names: Laurel, Brian, and Isabella Poremski
Sighting: Baltimore, Maryland
Paranormal Experience: A malevolent spirit who befriended Isabella