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Subject Names: Ed Becker, Marsha Becker, Dan Wood, Diane Wood, April Becker
Subject Location: Chicago, Illinois
Paranormal Experience: The spirits of a family won't let go of their house

Subject Names: Travis Walton, Mike Rogers, John Goulette, Ken Peterson, Steve Pierce, Dwayne Smith, Allen Dalis, Marlin Gillespie, Ken Coplan, Cy Gilson, Dr. Howard Kandell M.D.
Subject Location: Snowflake, Arizona

Subject Names: Rob Graves, Vicky Graves, Joe Le Blanc, Jeremy
Subject Location: Hamilton County, Indiana
Paranormal Experience: A serial killer may be haunting his former residence

Subject Names: Carmen Snedeker, Alan Snedeker, Brad Snedeker, Jennifer Snedeker, A.J. Snedeker, Philip Snedeker, Tammy Alvis
Subject Location: Near Hartford, Connecticut

Subject Names: Jodi Foster, Hannah Foster, Idie Herrera, Misty, Joel Wiley, Roger Aylworth, Meredith Graham
Subject Location: Chico, California

Subject Names: Mark Hay, Mari-Lynn Hay, Jessie Hay, Lora Solberg, Peter Putman, Kat Tedsen, Bev Rydel
Subject Location: Holly, Michigan

Subject Names: Kevin Mannis, Jane Howerton, Ida Mannis, Brian Grubbs, Brian's roommate Sam, Jason Haxton, Sophie
Subject Location: Oregon and Missouri
Paranormal Experience: A wine cabinet carrying a malevolent spirit

Subject Names: Officer Dave Murphy, Officer Morgan Mathews, Blair Fuller, Greg Gittins, Officer Josh Thomas, Doug Morgan
Subject Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Paranormal Experience: The spirit of a trapped young hero