Disturbed by the Sect's nightmarish practice of harvesting babies, Riese decides to stay in Helmkin to uncover the mystery and put an end to the practice - even though the town is a veritable deathtrap for her now that the Doctor knows she's of royal blood.

The Doctor, meanwhile, has a surprise visit from Herrick, who has the scent of Riese on his tongue and won't let go the trail. Appearing from the shadows, Herrick interrogates the doctor about Riese - what she knows, what she saw - and out of self-preservation, the doctor tries to limit the information he gives Herrick. Herrick is too powerful, however, and learns that not only did Riese see the Sect mark on the doctor's arm, but also that she saw the fields of babies that the Sect was harvesting. Knowing Riese's inner workings, Herrick understands that this sight is sure to have made Riese want to stay and help.

The outlawed princess, meanwhile, is seeking out Hannah, the distraught mother from earlier that day. Hannah begs Riese to help, and Riese, though feeling daunted, promises to do all she can. Riese slips into the night and finds the warehouse where the babies - rows upon rows stacked in crates - are being kept. Though outraged, she's at a loss for how to put a stop to this madness.

And on the other side of the kingdom, Rand and his resistance are battling Amara and her forces with all their might. But, with no connection to Riese - his people's rightful leader and one true hope - and dwindling resources, Rand knows his chances of winning the war are getting slimmer and slimmer. He has to win this fight, soon - or not at all.