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  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E12 DustAn unscrupulous traveling merchant claims he has a magical dust which will save a condemned man.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E13 Back ThereA man (Russell Johnson) travels back to the night of Lincoln's assassination.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E14 The Whole TruthUsed-car dealer Harvey Hunnicut buys a car from an old man, only to be haunted by the vehicle.

  • Hashtag FollowFriday

    College students and faculty members are targeted by a killer using social media.

  • Planet Terror

    A one-legged go-go dancer (Rose McGowan) and her ex-lover (Freddy Rodriguez) join forces with other survivors to battle a horde of flesh-eating zombies invading their Texas town.

  • Land of the Lost

    A time-space vortex sucks a scientific has-been (Will Ferrell) and his companions (Anna Friel, Danny R. McBride) into an alternate dimension populated by dinosaurs and painfully slow creatures called Sleestaks.

  • The Darkest Hour

    After an alien attack devastates Moscow, survivors (Emile Hirsch, Max Minghella, Olivia Thirlby) search for a way to fight back against the deadly invaders.

  • The Magnificent Seven

    Desperate townspeople hire seven mercenaries (Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke) to battle a greedy industrialist (Peter Sarsgaard) and his ruthless henchmen in the Old West.

  • Arrival

    A linguistics professor (Amy Adams) leads an elite team of investigators in a race against time to communicate with extraterrestrial visitors.

  • Futurama

    S2.E6 Brannigan, Begin AgainAfter Zapp Brannigan is court-martialed, he is hired at Planet Express where he tries to overthrow Leela's leadership.

  • Futurama

    S7.E11 Lrrreconcilable NdndifferencesAlien leader Lrrr faces a midlife crisis following a bungled Earth invasion.

  • Futurama

    S7.E12 The Mutants Are RevoltingLeela leads an army of underground mutants in a rebellion against the surface people.

  • Futurama

    S7.E13 The Futurama Holiday SpectacularThe Planet Express crew learns the true meaning of Xmas, Robanakah and Kwanzaa.

  • Futurama

    S8.E1 NeutopiaThe crew encounters a bizarre alien with power to change their characteristics.

  • Futurama

    S8.E2 BenderamaBender gains the ability to replicate himself and threatens to overrun Earth with copies of himself.

  • Dead in the Water

    An all female crew has to deal with an intruder.

  • They Found Hell

    After accidentally opening a portal to another dimension, college students find themselves trapped and hunted by the denizens of hell.

  • Gary and His Demons

    S1.E11 Heavy MetalGary and Hanley suspect a heavy metal band's music is to blame for the case of a possessed teen.