• The Twilight Zone

    S2.E13 Back ThereA man (Russell Johnson) travels back to the night of Lincoln's assassination.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E14 The Whole TruthUsed-car dealer Harvey Hunnicut buys a car from an old man, only to be haunted by the vehicle.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E16 A Penny for Your ThoughtsA timid bank clerk acquires the ability to read other people's minds.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E11 I-15 MurdersGrissom and Willows hunt down the Highway I-15 serial killer; Sidel and Brown are assigned to solve a robbery/murder.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E12 Fahrenheit 932Grissom is called to help a man on death row who is trying to clear his name; Catherine and Nick investigate the execution-style murder of a teenager.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E13 BoomGrissom, Sara and Warrick investigate the bombing of a Las Vegas office building; Nick is the prime suspect in the murder of a prostitute.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E14 To Halve and to HoldGrissom and Catherine search for human remains in the desert; Warrick and Sara investigate the king of a stripper-for-hire outfit.

  • CSI: Crime Scene

    S1.E15 Table StakesWhen a woman's body is discovered in a missing showgirl's swimming pool, the team believes they've got a double murder on their hands.

  • Lake Placid: Legacy

    Explorers stumble upon an island that harbors an abandoned facility and a deadly predator that is eager to feast on naive visitors.

  • Resident Evil: Retribution

    New allies and old friends aid Alice (Milla Jovovich) in her worldwide search for those responsible for the T-virus outbreak that continues to turn humans into flesh-eating zombies.

  • Fast & Furious

    Back in Los Angeles, fugitive Dom Torretto (Vin Diesel) and agent Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) reignite their feud but, then, must join forces against a common enemy.

  • Edge of Tomorrow

    A soldier (Tom Cruise) who was killed in action gets caught up in a time loop, in which he repeatedly relives his last battle. However, the more times he fights, the closer he gets to discovering how to defeat the alien enemy.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Fortified in a massive, armored truck, loner Mad Max (Tom Hardy) joins Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and her band of rebels as they try to outrun a warlord (Hugh Keays-Byrne) and his henchmen in a deadly high-speed chase through the Wasteland.

  • Mad Max

    In an Australia of the not-too-distant future, a police officer strikes back against motorized menaces to what is left of society after a nuclear holocaust.

  • Realive

    A man (Tom Hughes) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer decides to freeze his body, hoping that time will provide a cure for his death sentence.

  • Killjoys

    S5.E8 Don't Stop BeweavingDutch and Zeph embark on a sisterly road trip to a dangerous cult on Leith to find the key to The Lady's destruction.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E17 Twenty-TwoLiz Powell has a recurring dream in which she follows a nurse to the hospital morgue.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E18 The Odyssey of Flight 33On the way from England to America, a jetliner and its crew travel backward in time.