• The Twilight Zone

    S1.E7 The LonelyConvicted of murder, a man is sent to a deserted asteroid in space to serve a 50-year prison sentence.

  • The Magicians

    S1.E8 The Strangled HeartPenny is violently attacked by someone thought to be a friend; Quentin tries to find a connection to The Beast; Julia considers giving up magic for good.

  • The Magicians

    S1.E9 The Writing RoomQuentin, Alice, Eliot, and Penny travel to England in search of a missing magic button; Julia searches for real meaning in her magic.

  • The Magicians

    S1.E10 HomecomingPenny travels to the world of The Neitherlands, and Quentin and Alice work together to save him; Julia joins an eclectic group of magicians.

  • Day of Reckoning

    Fifteen years after demon-like beings nearly eradicated mankind, they return to finish the job.

  • Fright Night

    A high-school student (Anton Yelchin) suspects that his charismatic new neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire and, when no one believes him, must try to destroy the bloodsucker himself.

  • The Happening

    A high-school science teacher (Mark Wahlberg) and his wife (Zooey Deschanel) flee to the farmlands of Pennsylvania in an attempt to escape an invisible killer that threatens all of humanity.

  • Blade

    A man (Wesley Snipes) with vampire blood and his mortal partner (Kris Kristofferson) hunt a rebel vampire (Stephen Dorff) and his coterie of undead.

  • Blade II

    Blade (Wesley Snipes) forms an alliance with a band of hardened enemies in order to battle powerful vampires.

  • New

    The Magicians

    S4.E5 Escape From the Happy PlaceAlice and Quentin confront a dog; there are some flashbacks.

  • New

    Deadly Class

    S1.E6 Stigmata MartyrMarcus and Maria, now dating in secret, have to deal with the ramifications of Chico's death.

  • Futurama

    S9.E3 Decision 3012Leela becomes a campaign manager for a presidential candidate whose birth certificate is missing.

  • Futurama

    S9.E4 The Thief of BagheadBender wants to take a photo of an actor whose face has never been seen so he joins the paparazzi.

  • Futurama

    S9.E5 Zapp DingbatLeela is upset when her parents break up and her mother starts dating Zapp Brannigan.

  • Futurama

    S9.E6 The Butterjunk EffectAmy and Leela become addicted to nectar, a nutritional supplement that boosts their performance in the future sport of Butterfly Derby.

  • Futurama

    S9.E7 The Six Million Dollar MonHermes replaces his body parts with mechanics after being fed up with his inferiority to machines.

  • Futurama

    S9.E8 Fun on a BunFry finds himself the victim of a horrific sausage-making accident.

  • Leatherface

    A violent teen and three others kidnap a young nurse while escaping from a Texas mental institution. Pursued by a vengeful sheriff, the disturbed young man embarks on a murderous rampage that shapes him into a legendary killer known as Leatherface.

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