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Time Ex-Machina

S1 - E6 |
Aired: 12/07/2019
Dr. Linda Moog bends space and time to prevent a relationship from budding. 3:23

Suggestion Day

S1 - E5 |
Aired: 11/30/2019
Quantum Industries votes on suggestions from the rest of the staff, much to Linda's dismay. 4:03

Full Circle

S1 - E4 |
Aired: 11/23/2019
Holmstead reveals a major secret about Felicia's origin. 3:05

Making A Birderer

S1 - E3 |
Aired: 11/16/2019
At the request of wealthy conservationists, Dr. Moog resurrects an extinct species of birds. 3:33

Where The Wind Blows

S1 - E2 |
Aired: 11/09/2019
When Superstorm Steve threatens the East Coast, all eyes are on Quantum Industries for a solution. 3:24

Put A Lil’ Demon In It

S1 - E1 |
Aired: 11/02/2019
Dr. Linda Moog dramatically unveils her latest breakthrough – a transdimensional window. 4:26