Sharknado 3 Casting

Sharknado 3 will debut later this year, but already its lining up a number of celebrity cameos (in the vein of Sharknado 2) to join returning stars Ian Ziering (Fin) and Tara Reid (April).  The cast list is growing by the day, so check this space continually for more updates. The cameo list thus far includes:

Ann Coulter, controversial conservative pundit, as the Vice President of the United States.
Mark Cuban (Shark Tank) as the President of the United States.
Bo Derek (10) as May, mother of Tara Reid's April.
David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knight Rider) as Gilbert Sheperd, Fin's father.
Chris Jericho (of WWE Fame) as an employee at Universal Studios Orlando, where a sharknado hits.
Chris Kirkpatrick (of NSYNC) as a lifeguard. 
Jerry Springer as a manic tourist at the park.

Sharknado 3 sees sharknadoes pelting the east coast, from Washington D.C. down to Florida and only Fin and April can stop them (duh).