Sharknado 4 News

These Fans Totally Summed Up How We Feel About Sharknado 5

Feb 3 - 3:52pm

Twitter talking about Sharknado 5 can be a wonderful thing.

The Sharknado 5 Plot Revealed!

Feb 1 - 7:06pm

Things are going global

Sharknado 4 Is Kind of a Big Deal, Just Ask Obama

Oct 25 - 1:31pm

You know you’ve made it when the President knows your name.

Ian Ziering Says Go Shark Yourself! App Beats Pokemon Go

Jul 29 - 6:00pm

Any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

Wanna Kill Sharks? Play the Sharknado 4 Video Game!

Jul 29 - 3:00pm

Now you can be Fin ... with a chainsaw. On the back of a unicorn.

How to Throw a Sharknado Party

Jul 28 - 4:48pm

What comes before Sharknado Part B? Sharknado Partaayyyyy. Sharknado: The 4th Awakens is mere days away so this is not a drill. Sunday 8/7c, that's your goal! You've got less than 72 hours to put together your viewing party. Haven't...

Semper Paratus: Sharknado's Most Iconic Moments

Jul 26 - 7:00am

Prepare for Sharknado: The 4th Awakens with the most memorable memories of the original trilogy.