Sharknado #1: Best Moments & Recap

Sharknado #1: Best Moments & Recap


Everything you need to know or see from the first Sharknado. A Sumnado, if you will!

Sharknado 5 Teaser Trailer
Watch 00:30
Watch 00:00
Wherever The Wind May Take Us
Watch 02:02
In The Heart Of The Storm
Watch 02:29
The Biggest Stunt: Mission Accomplished!
Watch 00:38
Sharknado 3 Recap
Watch 04:41
Ian Ziering’s Important Pokemon Go declaration
Watch 00:50
The Adventures of Gary the Shark
Watch 01:00
Sharknado 4 at SDCC 2016: April Lives! The story of Sharknado: The 4th Awakens
Watch 03:56
Sharknadoo: The 4th Awakens at SDCC 2016: The Influence of Sharknado
Watch 03:06
Sharknado 4 at SDCC 2016: Sharknado 4: A Superhero Origin Story
Watch 03:53
Sharknado 4 at SDCC 2016: Masiela Lusha Doesn’t Need a Stunt Double
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