The slave ships! They're being attacked by Team Spartacus. Agron makes a mistake and speaks a bit of Germanic to the slaves, and it turns out the slavers do too. Whoopsie! Blood goes everywhere. The good news is that they've rescued a lot of Germans, and now they outnumber the Gauls! The bad news is that they've rescued a lot of Germans! And perhaps they'll follow Agron, and not necessarily Spartacus, but…let's give that a beat.

Back in town, Gannicus is asking for some money from one of the nobleman, as Glaber insists that going forward, anyone muttering the name of Spartacus will be crucified. And then he has Illithiya's lady's maid crucified as an example, and has her blamed for it. Ashur watches Gannicus watch it. Meanwhile, Crixus is teaching Naevia how to fight when Oenomaus returns to fighting form. Spartacus brings in all the Germans and Crixus.

Back at the Ludus, Ashur has finished raping Lucretia again and says gross things to her and presents her with some old jewelry he robbed from some dead people. He gives her back her favorite red wig. If it'd been a gift from Illithiya, it'd be empowering. But here, it's just creepy.

Up in the villa, Illithiya is bitchy to Glaber and they go to inspect Seppius' troops, because Glaber is taking them over now that Seppius is dead. Lucretia arrives wearing the red wig, and Seppia gets a little flirty, which Glaber is super into and has her come stay. Illithiya and Lucretia bond again, and make a plan to either change things or die trying.

At the hideout, Agron and Spartacus have a quick chat about Agron's decision to save the Germans. Turns out there were Gauls on another boat that Agron could have saved, but he chose the Germans because he doesn't like Gauls. Back at the whorehouse, Gannicus meets up with his lady hooker, and she offers him free sex and tells him she's thinking of joining Spartacus's cause. Then Ashur turns up and is horrible and reminds everyone that mentioning Spartacus will get you crucified, but also that Gannicus is no longer a free man because he doesn't have his little sword any more.

Gannicus has words with Glaber and Lucretia and Ashur. Glaber gives him back his freedom sword and wants Gannicus to pledge himself to the army that's going to bring Spartacus to justice. Gannicus says he's not necessarily interested and Glaber says he's a free man and there'll be reasonable decision in a few days. When Ashur says he can't be trusted, Glaber says if he leaves town, he'll be crucified.

Back at the hideout, Mira and Spartacus talk about how she killed Chadara, and that Agron might come to blows with Spartacus. Lucretia and Illithiya make a plan where Lucretia cuts her wrists with a knife and Illithiya pretends that she's hemorrhaging. It's their plan to get sent to Rome.  But Ashur totally foils it.

In the marketplace, Lucretia bumps into Gannicus while she's blessing people in her red wig. Gannicus discovers that his hooker friend has been crucified because she mentioned Spartacus to him. Lucretia and Gannicus chat and she tells him that if he tries to leave, he'll be killed, and thus he should murder Glaber. At the villa, Lucretia tells Illithiya that she has a plan to murder Glaber. And there's a brief moment where Illithiya thinks of betraying Lucretia, but doesn't and gets on the wagon bound for Rome.

Back at the camp, there's a rocking party going down with fights and meat. Crixus is frustrated, and there's bonding all around. One of the Germans makes a move on Naevia and she stabs him. He recovers and then the big German fights Agron. And then Crixus jumps in and the fight goes insane. Spartacus cuts off the front of the big German's face, tells everyone to follow orders and then learns who are the loyal followers and who are not. Agron says he follows Spartacus and the army is reborn, stronger than before.

Back in Capua, all is not well. While Glaber has sex with Seppia, he is interrupted and promptly rushes out to learn that Gannicus has killed a ton of Glaber's men, and kidnapped Illithiya. Where'd they go!?