So, let's all remember that we're now at the point right after Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The House of Batiatus has fallen, and the gladiators and slaves are running amuck. And it turns out a Nobleman named Seppius has sent soldiers to round them up. Back in Rome, it's Glaber! Remember him? Well, his father in law, Albinius, is super mad because Illithiya (remember her?! Blonde lady? Surprisingly devious?) barely escaped the Batiatus uprising and Albinius wants Glaber to fix it.

Down in the sewers, Mira is cleaning things and hanging out with Spartacus. When the Gauls come back with rabbits and meat and things, they all want to fight over it. The Gauls don't seem to be the nicest dudes around. There's tension there, but they do as Spartacus commands. That causes some problems with Crixus. (Hey Crixus! Welcome back!) Here's the deal with Crixus: he's off looking for Naevia a bunch and he won't rest until he finds her. Also, nobody's heard from Doctore in a while.

Doctore is in the crowds at the arena, watching a fight go down. You know who else is watching? Gallienus, the magistrate of Capua, as well as Seppia, who seems like a flirty kind of trouble and Seppius, her brother, who is the guy responsible for hunting down the Batiatus Gladiators. They seem…closer than they should for siblings? Or are we reading that wrong?  When the match ends, Oenomaus is recognized in an alleyway by some dudes who are up to no good. He kills them, pretty much.

Back in the sewer, Spartacus has a chat with Varro's wife, Aurelia. Remember Varro? They were buddies back at the Ludus and then Spartacus was forced to kill him for sport. Now, his wife Aurelia is unsure what to do, when Spartacus gives her all the money and sends her away. She agrees to leave with the hunting party. Meanwhile, back in Rome, Glaber tells Illithiya that it's time to go back to Capua and that she is coming with him. Big news, Illithiya is pregnant, and it doesn't matter, they all have to go to Capua because they were only patrons to cover up the death of Licinia.

Spartacus sends Aurelia off in the hunting party and then he joins Crixus to go mess up the brothel, acting on a tip that Naevia has been sold to them. All the Romans are having crazy amounts of brothel sex when everyone attacks. It turns out this guy Trebius also sold Argon (the German!) to the Batiatus ludus. Coincidence! Crixus asks Trebius as he lay dying, whether he's seen Naevia. And then presumably tortures him for answers.  But it turns out that he found out that Naevia was handed from villa to villa in the countryside – so attacking would be difficult. Plus, Trebius also mentioned that there's a new force coming to attack, with Glaber leading them.

Glaber rides into Capua, and takes up residency at the Batiatus ludus, where they find Mercato, who seems to be taking care of the place. Illithiya is furious because she nearly died in this house, and Glaber tells her that she's going to have to clean the place up and throw everything over the cliff.

While she's waiting for the clean up effort to start, Illithiya looks at the mask and is reminded about the orgy where she killed Licinia and how she had sex with Spartacus that one time. And then a noise behind her…and she turns to see Lucretia! Alive! And bonkers crazy. She's a shadow of her former self, and they decide to let her live, clean her up, and possibly used to their advantage.

Down in the sewers, everyone's pretty freaked out that the Romans are coming to attack. Spartacus tells them, however, that pretty much that was going to happen anyway and to calm down. Then Oenomaus comes back! He's returned! But—then he basically tells them they won't survive a fight on the Romans. So Crixus tries to convince Spartacus to leave with them to go attack the villas. And everyone decides to sleep on it.

Back in the villa, Lucretia is bathed and Illithiya tries to find out if she remembers anything – oh, like, that time Illithiya murdered that lady during an orgy Lucretia realizes that Illithiya is pregnant, she says it's a sign that she must be having a baby soon too, it's a sign! So, it's cool, Lucretia is still nuts, no worries for Illithiya.

In the morning, the men are about to leave when they can't find Spartacus, because it turns out he has gone into the marketplace to watch the speech in the town square. Gallienus and Seppius are telling people that the gladiators are heartless, and Glaber shows up and says they'll be found and blood will be spilled -- but mostly Spartacus's blood. That's like, first.

Glaber reveals that Lucretia is alive and trots her out as a miracle and a blessing. He also pulls out Aurelia, who is super bloody because she's been beaten pretty badly. Glaber announces his big plans to beat her up more until she tells them where Spartacus is. And then things get crazy. Spartacus attacks Glaber, Crixus and the men show up and help Spartacus fight, Agron rescues Aurelia, and Lucretia remembers everything.

Back in the sewer, Mira is hopping mad that Spartacus tried to kill Glaber. Crixus is also pretty angry with Spartacus because he's not helping him find Naevia and that they don't have enough to build an army. When Spartacus goes to see Aurelia, she asks that whatever happens, Spartacus stays far away from her son, because that's the only way to protect him. When Agron wants everyone to go into town on a killing spree, Spartacus stops them: they're going to go and find Naevia, and also build a large slave army before they face Glaber.