A Place In This World

Starting things off with a young Doctore (We're going to call him Oenomaus from now on because, let's recall, in the last episode he rejected the name himself), fighting in the pit in Capua, years ago. A little bit of backstory as Oenomaus is purchased by Titus (hey! It's Titus!) because he has heart. And then in the present, Oenomaus is back in the pit, grown up, and fighting like crazy.

Back at the ludus, Glaber and Marcus tell Lucretia she can have a ritual to cleanse the house, which will hopefully help them find out where Spartacus and his men are.  Spartacus, in the meantime, is killing a bunch of people and freeing slaves. Crixus takes the Dominus of the villa aside and asks if he's met Naevia, and he learns that she was there, but he doesn't know what happened to her. So Crixus kills him.

Now. Let's talk about the Gaul's. Rhaskos is the leader of the Gaul slaves, (you remember him - he's the one who was hoarding rabbits in the last episode.) Rhaskos tries to have sex with the blond slave Chadara, but Mira shows up and they become friends. Then a drunken Rhaskos shows his peen to everyone, and Spartacus convinces the rest of the slaves to join them.

Back at the ludus, Illithiya takes a bath and fantasizes about Spartacus, but tells Glaber it's the baby kicking when he interrupts her. They argue about Lucretia, and Illithiya is forced to go into the marketplace to help her prepare the blessing. Meanwhile, at the villa outside of town where everyone's just been killed, Spartacus and Mira talk about their relationship. One of the dudes that they just freed (Tiberius!) attacks Spartacus, and says that being freed is basically pretty scary. Spartacus and crew decide to train him into their little club, much in the way that Oenomaus trained them.

Speaking of which, Oenomaus is fighting in the pit, and he gets stabbed in the shoulder and that leads to a flashback where Titus tries to teach Oenomaus some lessons about life and destiny. But back in the present, some cloaked types watch Oenomaus fight and slip out quietly.

Spartacus instructs Tiberius the new guy in some ways of fighting while the rest of the guys look on. Agron the German (remember him? Lost a brother who looked just like him? Used to have dreadlocks?) doesn't trust Tiberius somehow.

Meanwhile in the marketplace, Lucretia and Illithiya collect supplies for the blessing, and Lucretia tells her that she's starting to remember some things. Seppia turns up to chat with Illithiya, and they decide to gossip about Rome. Seppia says she never wants to be married and Lucretia keeps blessing strangers until a dude in a red robe slips her a note.

Back at the ludus, Glaber and Seppius talk about their Spartacus problem. Neither one of them are terribly nice and finally Seppius decides he doesn't want to help, and they part really angry. Crixus and Spartacus talk about what's next, and decide they want to leave in the morning to attack the next villa to look for Naevia. Meanwhile, Mira finds Rhaskos having really unpleasant sex with Chadara. But it turns out that Chadara was having sex with him so that he'd protect her in the future. And then kind of calls Mira a whore?

Back at the Ludus, Lucretia is working on her big gods-summoning ceremony when Illithiya and Glaber come to watch. Lucretia hears the gods say that treachery is coming. And then she kills a goat. And Glaber, who was expecting a big revelation, is sort of bummed that nothing earth shattering happened.

Meanwhile, Oenomaus has been fighting like crazy and tells the game master in the hat to make sure that he dies in the next fight, basically. And then back to flashback, where Titus tells him that he is part of the brotherhood. In the present, Oenomaus is fighting when he sees Titus and a young version of Oenomaus watching. It gives him strength and he fights again, but he looks up, sees the guy in the red robe save him. But who is it?

When some Roman soldiers show up to ask if everything's all right at the villa, Spartacus sends Tiberius to greet them and Tiberius tells them, "It's cool, everything's copasetic." But then Tiberius double-crosses everyone and there's an attack! But wait! It turns out that it wasn't a double cross! Tiberius realized that they'd seen his slave collar missing.  Then he tells everyone his name is Nasir, but he's just been letting everyone call him Tiberius.

Back at the Ludus, Lucretia is really going to town on that goat. And Lucretia thinks about murdering Lucretia when one of the slave ladies shows up to say that people have arrived. The red-hooded man arrives with Oenomaus, and takes off his hood. It's Ashur! He says he has information about where Spartacus might be. He looks at Lucretia – they've been in cahoots!