It's happening! It's on! Crixus, Rhaskos, and Oenomaus are about to be killed in the arena -- because that's what happens to you when you're a slave and you run afoul of the nobility in Capua. As they face their executioner, they learn that – surprise – it's Gannicus! Oenomaus attacks him because, if you'll recall, jealousy and infidelity with Melitta.

But first, a flashback to the day prior, where Spartacus finds a temple that's being guarded by an old hermit named Lucius. Turns out that Lucius is a big fan of Spartacus and has some information -- that most everyone thinks that the rebels were killed at the mines (not true!) but also that Crixus and the others are being punished in the arena.

Still in flashback, it's clear that Gannicus has returned to Capua mainly to make out with ladies, the three rebels are preparing themselves to die, and Glaber is furious that Ashur is still alive while Marcus is dead. Back in the ludus, Illithiya still wants to marry Varinius, but there's a (oh yeesh) little matter of (yikes, you guys) the fact that she's pregnant and doesn't want to be anymore.

Meanwhile, at the new rebel hideout, Spartacus wants to attack the arena to rescue the three captives, Agron checks in on Nasir, who is doing…you know, okay-ish. Lucretia stops by and tells Illithiya that she should hold off on her abortion plan for a few days, and then runs off and tells Ashur all about it. She promises to keep him from getting slaughtered in the arena if he promises to swap the abortion potion with water and some herbs. Ashur, in turn, goes immediately to Glaber to tell him all about it.

Back at the hideout, Spartacus tells a thrilled Naevia about the plan to invade the arena, Nasir wakes up and gets a kiss from Agron, and the team set out on their go-for-broke rescue mission. In the brothel, Gannicus gets into a conversation about his guilt around Melitta and is definitely competing in the games tomorrow. In the ludus, Lucretia watches as Oenomaus and Crixus are led out to the arena and Ashur is set free and immediately double crosses her and tells Glaber everything.

Illithiya returns to the ludus, and Glaber tells her he knows about the abortion attempt. She tells him he's not worthy of her (let's not start casting stones, lady) and that they're going to be divorced. At the games, Lucretia learns that Glaber has discovered the potion, and she's super worried about it. And then things go a little nuts.

Deep under the arena, as the three rebels are led to their death, Team Spartacus surfaces from the sewer full of guts. Now we're back to the beginning of the episode. Mira and a team of people start to set the place on fire, while Spartacus and Agron wear Roman guard costumes. Spartacus and Gannicus have a quick chat about Batiatus and then -- Oenomaus and Gannicus start fighting.

Mira and team start setting the place on fire. In the ring, the rebels fight a very good fight against Gannicus and the other dudes, until Crixus is ganged up on, and Rhaskos is killed. And then pandemonium! The arena is on fire! Mercato is killed! Spartacus kills all the guards! Everyone flees!

As the arena collapses, Spartacus makes eye contact with Glaber, throws a spear at him, and narrowly misses. He hits and kills Hedonism-Bot. Albinius tells Glaber that his days in the senate are over because of Spartacus – and then when a beam falls on Albinius, Glaber kills him by crushing his head with a beam.

The rebels make it out of the arena through the guts-sewer, and the nobility make it out and Glaber tells Illithiya that her father is dead -- successfully dashing everyone's hopes of a happier marriage.