Chosen Path

The rebel base is excited when the slaves return with Oenomaus and Crixus, and -- surprise! -- Gannicus. Crixus and Naevia are REUNITED! Hooray! Meanwhile, hard as Spartacus tries, Gannicus can't be convinced to join their cause and back at the ludus, Albinius's will is read and Glaber is crazy angry at Illithiya. For a lot of reasons. But also he seems to be unhinging just a bit since murdering his father-in-law.

It turns out that a lot of the soldiers are running from the army because of Spartacus's rebellion and Glaber makes Ashur fight all of the guards to prove that gladiators are better fighters than soldiers. Because he's basically Batiatus now. Even though nobody has ever really considered Ashur to be a great fighter – turns out he's good at it and he really throws down. Okay, so benefit of the doubt for Ashur is nominally restored.

Lucretia confronts Ashur about the abortion potion, and it looks like the tables are turned. She's no longer in charge because Ashur has the dirt on her. Then, ugh, rape. Ashur no longer gets any benefits of any doubts, team. Also, Naevia is having a hard time re-adjusting to life with Crixus after having been raped so frequently in the mines. This episode is take-no-prisoners horrifying.

Chadara hangs out with Gannicus and seems to want to adopt him as her "protector" – a position she seems really preoccupied with. Spartacus and the team are discussing their next moves, which is to make weapons out of branches and rocks and stuff, and also to find some more men. Meanwhile, back at the brothel, Ashur wants to have some words with the lady who Gannicus was into.

In the bathtub, Lucretia and Illithiya meet in some pretty dramatic and understandable grief  - and team up again. Spartacus is having a hard time rallying his army of rebels, while Agron and Crixus have issues. Gannicus says that their army is having a little trouble getting off the ground, so Spartacus takes him out to the woods to ask him to be a part of the army.  Gannicus says no.

At the ludus, Seppius and Glaber continue to fight about who has the bigger army and who is going to be better at finding Spartacus. Glaber says they should join up together and Seppius says he'll consider it. Illithiya gets Seppius to send his sister/girlfriend out to the ludus to discuss things.

Ashur, meanwhile, keeps scouring the countryside looking for an Egyptian who lives in a pit. Back in the woods, Lucius the hermit teaches Mira how to shoot an arrow while Chadara tries to gain the protection of Donar, who rejects her. Mira tells her to only be a protector of herself. Yeah girl.

Gannicus and Crixus have a quick chat over the skinning of a boar when Oenomaus wakes up. Gannicus goes to see him to apologize. Oenomaus does not accept his apology. Gannicus realizes there will be no redemption.

Meanwhile, Illithiya and Lucretia try to sway Seppia into telling Seppius to join Glaber's army. And she says she's not naïve and won't be swayed! But then she's totally swayed by Glaber. Back in the hideout, Naevia seems to be contemplating suicide when Crixus stops her and tells her he'll help her find her way back to sanity.

Upstairs, everyone is mad when all of their gold and maps are missing and they all blame Gannicus. A great fight ensues in the rain and thunder and lightning as Gannicus and Spartacus go at it. Turns out that Chadara had stolen the gold and the map and Mira figured it out.

Meanwhile, back in town, Ashur takes the new Egyptian fighter and leads a raid on Seppius's house. Glaber kills Seppius himself, because that's how everybody rolls in Capua when they don't get their way: full-out bloodshed.