Wrath of the Gods

High upon the mountaintop above Capua, Team Spartacus is in some pretty dire straights. Mira tells Spartacus not to worry because he always knows the right things to do, and then word comes that some of the rebels have taken to trying to get some food from the Romans. Everyone goes down to help and Mira is killed. Spartacus is furious.

Meanwhile, Glaber weighs his options in attacking Team Spartacus, and decides to wait a bit longer. Meanwhile, Illithiya and Lucretia are on the road to visit Glaber - and they talk about her upcoming trip to Rome. Chatting like old girlfriends. They’ve really been bonding lately. Lucretia tells her that she’s promised to Ashur. And there they are, scheming again.

Meanwhile, up mount Vesuvius, Gannicus finally agrees to join Spartacus because the time has come to engage in open warfare. Ashur, meanwhile, promises his buddies that they pledge to him, but is interrupted by the return of Illithiya. She marches in to greet Glaber and tells him to quickly kill Spartacus so they can go back to Rome. She also lets him know that Ashur was the one who picked up the bracelet that tipped off Seppia. Meanwhile, Glaber asks Illithiya to put the past behind them, forget Lucretia and move forward without her. Illithiya sort of agrees? Maybe? It’s always hard to tell.

Ashur and Glaber have words in the yard, and Glaber tells Ashur that he believes that he turned him in to Seppia. He decides to use Ashur for one last plan: delivering a message to Spartacus and the army on the mountain.
Back up the mountain, Spartacus has finished wrapping Mira in a cloak and some sticks when Ashur’s arrival is announced. Ashur tells them that the terms of surrender are that everyone lives except Spartacus. When everyone says no, they’ll never surrender they bond together and decide to cut off his head. And Naevia says no, she’s going to fight Ashur herself. 

And somehow everyone lets that happen. And she really gets taken down a peg or two until she fakes being sort of weak, cuts off his junk, and then she takes his head off. He tells her it won’t heal all the scars she has, and she says, “no, but it’s a start.” Either way, team; let’s all celebrate the death of Ashur and the redemption of Naevia’s soul.

Back at the ludus, Lucretia throws her red wig off the cliff, casting off her sad mean lady persona for good, maybe. And then Illithiya comes, and the two have their conversation about how they’ll go forward. Team, is Illithiya going to throw her off the cliff?  Wait! Yes! Probably! But then her water breaks and Lucretia takes it as a sign!

So then Spartacus puts his plan into action. Spartacus, Gannicus, Agron and Crixus repel down the mountain on ropes they made out of sticks and land on the guards at the bottom of the hill, kill them, and move on. Oenomaus prepares everyone else to come down and attack, and then they fire bombs into the Roman camp, killing a good potion of soldiers.

The battle rages on and Glaber tells his men to fall back. The rebels chase them and keep fighting, chasing them all the way into the hideout temple. Meanwhile, back at the ludus, Lucretia has lost her mind. She believes that Illithiya’s child is sent from the gods. Lucretia goes in for the kill and jumps off the cliff WITH the baby!

Back on the battlefield, the Egyptian kills Oenomaus, Gannicus kills the Egyptian.  And then Oenomaus dies in Gannicus arms, and that’s that. Finally, Spartacus and Glaber engage in the final fight to the death and as Spartacus kills him, Glaber warns that more soldiers will come from Rome. Spartacus is undeterred; this is a slave rebellion that will live on!