Enemies of Rome

And we're back! It's months later! And the fight rages on! As the Romans meet on the battlefield, Spartacus rides up and starts smashing away with the rebel army. When Spartacus falls off his speared horse, and the Roman commander Cossinius and his toady Furius, order Spartacus killed. The plan is thwarted when the other rebel soldiers quickly join Spartacus. The Romans retreat.

Back in Rome, the commanders of the army update Senator Metellus. In the time that's passed since we last saw him, Spartacus has freed a ton of slaves and they've joined his army. The men in charge all agree to look up a fellow named Crassus, who can help them defeat Spartacus, because they're low on money and need a rich man to help out.

Now, Crassus is a rich dude who is learning to fight with the help of an ex-gladiator named Hilarus. Crassus has a bratty teenage son named Tiberius. At one point, Hilarus cuts him by accident and Crassus says (essentially) "no no, this is good stuff, it's the only way I'll learn."  When some Senators drop by, Crassus decides he'll take on the task of raising an army, but Crassus seems like he has ulterior motives, no?

Back in the Spartacus slave army camp, Gannicus and his friends are pretty drunk and some ladies come by to have sex. Agron and Nasir are up to the same thing, but with each other, because they're a pretty great love story and so far the only entirely functional relationship, no? In Spartacus' tent, Gannicus drops by with wine and they talk about making him a bigger part of the army. The two discuss why they're doing this: revenge for their dead ladies. Gannicus points out that they've avenged all of the people who killed their women -- but still, they're going to fight on because slavery is awful.

Back in Rome, Crassus's family hangs around him. He sends Tiberius off on an errand as his wife Tertulla brings in Publius, their youngest son, who quickly scampers off to bed. Crassus thinks his son is too young for a title and also, there's some tension in this marriage, and something's up with the body slave, Kore. So you see where this is going.

Meanwhile, Tiberius meets with Sabinus, his (more than?) good friend and confidante. Tertulla tries to coach her son into being a stronger man. Back at the rebel camp, Spartacus sees a few dodgy looking recruits, and follows them to a tent where a horse has been slaughtered. The butcher doesn't know who Spartacus is, but says that he's becoming something of a King among the slaves. All the while, Spartacus learns that the slaves are suffering and need provisions. When the butcher finds out that this is Spartacus, he freaks out that he's going to be killed. Spartacus tells him everyone can speak freely under his command and he'll try to make the conditions better.

On the road, Naevia uses herself as bait to start an ambush on some Romans. They kill everyone and intercept a message: there are 10,000 soldiers on their way, led by Crassus. This leads Crixus, Spartacus, and Agron to come up with a plan: to kill Cossinius and Furius before they can attack. Then Naevia and Crixus have a good deal of sex.

Back in Rome, Crassus has his hired-gladiator fight Tiberius, teaching him a lesson about the danger of being all hoity toity. Crassus tells the gladiator to fight him like he wants to kill him, excuses him from getting in trouble if he does, and then kills him.

Meanwhile, in the army camp, Spartacus and his officers create a diversion; draw out the soldiers, and then attack. They kill pretty much everyone and then take the heads off of Cossinius and Furius and put them on spikes at the villa.

Tiberius learns a valuable lesson: his father is sneaky, and that's the way he should be in the future too. And by the looks of Tiberius, yep, no problem. Spartacus is encouraged by his officers to attack now that morale is low in Rome, but Spartacus has a new plan: he's going to make his army strong throughout the winter, and attack in the summer.