Here it is team. The end of the story. The moments we've all been waiting for.   

Starting off as usual: with a ton of fighting and maybe even some people on fire. Gannicus chases a nobleman through the streets and tells him to release all of his people or face death. When the nobleman asks who he is, Gannicus replies, "I am Spartacus!" In fact, everyone in the rebel army claims to be Spartacus in order to cause some confusion. In the rebel camp, Spartacus tries to rally the troops, and greets Agron, who shows up and tries to handle a sword but cannot because his hands are all messed up from the crucifixion. But Spartacus says that he can be helpful by seeing the non-fighters away to safety. But when Nasir has made him a new shield, they promise to go to battle together.

In the Roman Army camp, Kore stops by to speak with Crassus, and tells him that Tiberius was killed by some dude with scars. She also asks him if they can, you know, start dating again and he's a pretty firm no on that one as he leaves for the next battle.  In the rebel camp, Spartacus and Laeta have a heartfelt goodbye and he welcomes Nasir and Agron back into the army.

When the battle begins, Crassus invites Spartacus to speak to him at the top of the hill. The two agree that the world is a terrible place and Spartacus mentions that Tiberius was killed by a woman. Back in the camp, Crassus confronts Caesar and Kore, and learns the truth about his son Tiberius and half-forgives Kore.

Spartacus and Gannicus discuss the meaning of the word "Victory," to which they decide that the definition seems to be "life." Spartacus asks Gannicus to lead the army with him, and Gannicus reluctantly accepts when Spartacus tells him that he'd like him to do "the impossible."

The next morning, both sides goes out to the battlefield and it goes like this:
Spartacus uses the element for surprise to bury a bunch of Roman soldiers in a pit that they didn't see coming, then he uses bridges to cross that ditch and attack more Romans. Just as Crassus decides to start lobbing fire bombs that kill some of his own men (and Lugo! No!), Gannicus arrives from behind on horseback.  Saxa seizes control of the ballistics, and starts firing spears into the Roman Army. They're being attacked from both sides! 

In the midst of the fighting, Castus is killed, which enrages Nasir and Agron, and then Crassus rides up and faces Spartacus, but is quickly protected by Roman soldiers. Caesar and Gannicus start their battle, and Spartacus rushes after the Imperator Crassus, and kills every one of the soldiers protecting him. 

Back on the battlefield, Saxa is killed (No Saxa!), which enrages Gannicus and he starts battering away even farther. Worse than that, Naevia does battle with Caesar who cuts her down and ends her life before he approaches Gannicus, surrounded by soldiers. Things are not going well for Team Spartacus.

Up on the hill, Spartacus is weak from fighting with Crassus, and has flashbacks to Sura, Varro, Mira, and all the other people he's loved that the Romans have taken from him. Crassus performs his signature move of gripping a sword with both hands and Spartacus beats him at it by doing the same thing. Just as he's about to kill Crassus, he is speared through the back many times.  Agron and Nasir come to his rescue, and carry him off.

Finally, up rides Pompei with Senator Metellus who claims the victory out from underneath Crassus. Oenomaus comes to take Gannicus to the afterlife, which appears to be a giant Gladiator arena, and the lone survivors are Agron, Nasir, Spartacus, Laeta and Sybil.

Until Spartacus dies in front of what's left of his team and sends them off to the mountains, free people.