Wolves at the Gate

Naevia has gotten very good at fighting. So good, in fact, that she helps to train new fighters, including that grumpy butcher Diotimos. (Remember him? He slaughtered a horse in the last episode!) Turns out the butcher knows how to help attack a city that Spartacus knows will be strategically wise because they have lots of stores of grain: Sinuessa. The butcher balks at it, but Gannicus says he knows some dudes in that town who can be bribed, including a blacksmith who can make them weapons!

Spartacus and his men pretend to be regular schmoes in purple robes, go through the city gates and happen upon the stoning of a slave. Spartacus would love to set everyone free immediately, but instead he kills the slave with a single blow of a stone to save everyone time. The Slave Master and the Magistrate witness this, but what are they going to do?

Meanwhile, back in Rome, Crassus is barking orders at his son Tiberius, who has done a pretty good job of amassing an army and weapons to defeat the rebel horde.  Crassus finally seems to be seeing Tiberius's worth, but he's interrupted by the arrival of a blond important dude. Yes team, Julius Caesar has arrived on the scene.

It turns out Caesar is in debt since traveling and battling abroad, and Crassus tells him to consider a deal: kill Spartacus and there'll be big money.  That's pretty much the whole deal.

Back in Sinuessa, Gannicus and Spartacus stop by to see the blacksmith, Attius. He's skeptical of making swords for them, but ultimately agrees, and Spartacus asks him where to go for grain. In the marketplace, Spartacus bumps into Laeta, who actually tells him a lot of great information about what's to come: Crassus has big plans and is amassing an army and the city has HUGE grain stores.

Back in Rome, Julius Caesar takes a bath with a few naked ladies. And then he tries to have sex with Kore: but he is stopped by Crassus, who sends her away, and then she's shamed by Tertulla. When Kore tells Tiberius what happened, he rushes off to avenge her. But actually, all that happens is Tiberius overhearing Crassus telling Caesar he wants him to be his second in command rather than Tiberius. Poor bratty little Tiberius.

Spartacus wanders the city, and runs afoul of the city's slave master, but Laeta saves him from the altercation. Team Spartacus then learns that once the gates are closed, there's a curfew. First, everyone's irritated that Attius didn't tell them, but then they strike a deal and he joins their army. 

Back in Rome, Crassus's wife is preparing to go with them in the siege, but Crassus says absolutely not.  Tiberius then shows up and asks what his title will be, and Crassus won't tell him until morning. The truth comes out: he wants Kore to come with him on his trip, and also he's going to bring Caesar along in Tiberius's honored place.

Attius, meanwhile, sneaks though town and tricks the guards into getting themselves locked in the storeroom, while Gannicus and Spartacus raise the gate. As soon as they get the gate open, the rebel army attacks the city. It's pretty bloody.

In the battle a few things happen: Diotimos the butcher is killed, but good for him – he's lived to see the other slaves freed and the death of the Slave master. So he has that going for him. Next, Laeta bumps into Spartacus and he tells her who he is, more blood shed goes down, and Leata is pretty devastated.

Spartacus tells the army not to kill the rest of the Romans, but to chain them up. Laeta's husband is going to torch the grain stores. She tries to talk him out of it, but as she's talking, he gets speared through the face by Spartacus. The grain stores are pillaged, Team Spartacus wins the day!