Blood Brothers

Back in Spartacus-troit (as some of the more hipster commoners are calling it), Caesar is up to his sewing-the-seeds-of-dissention tricks when he lets Crixus overhear that Spartacus is out of town and left without telling him. Crixus is pretty angry, only making his thoughts of leaving stronger and making Naevia widen her eyes. Crixus bursts into Agron's quarters and yells at him for being too chummy with Spartacus, who it should be noted, has not ordered the rest of the captured Romans killed. (That really infuriates Crixus, team.)

On a boat in the high seas, Spartacus tells Gannicus that they're going off to get the grain that Crassus needs in Sicilia. When they get there  -- it goes off without a hitch! The grain is theirs! Meanwhile in the Roman slave camp, Crassus walks by Tiberius, and then complains about how terrible he's been to his son. Kore tells him that all he needs to do is let him out, and he tells her that he can't because he's the head of the army, but maybe she should, and then they have sex.

In the bar, Caesar and Nemetes overhear that Spartacus is making a move on Crassus in Sicilia, and then the next morning, Nasir and Agron really get into it. Thing is, Agron really is the jealous type and he's mad because he saw Nasir talking to Castus the Pirate. Before they can make up, though, it turns out there are some Romans about to attack.

Crixus wants to go out and fight the Romans. And then he goes even further and says he thinks he should be leader. Yes! CrixusTown, everybody! Whaddyasay!? Then Spartacus comes home and they argue about the plan of attack. Spartacus's plan is to release the Roman prisoners. Crixus wants to attack. But Spartacus is clearly still in charge. And Caesar just loves watching everyone fall to pieces.

It turns out there's a big plan. Stay with us, here it is. Basically, Spartacus knew that there would be spies in the city, so he allowed it to look like he and Crixus were fighting.  But now he's decided that by placing dead bodies around the city to look like the rebels, they can escape and attack Crassus from both sides. Sneaky, huh? And, it looks like Crixus is on board, even though he's a little confused. Meanwhile, Laeta tells Crassus what's going on with Spartacus's people, and he decides to attack the city.

Then the horrible happens: Tiberius goes to hang out with Kore and then rapes her as revenge for Sabinus's death.

Spartacus's plan to confuse Crassus does not go off as he'd hoped. The pirate Heracleo returns and– he brought an army of Romans with him. A lot of fighting and swords ensue and Caesar leads the Romans to the gate.  When Spartacus realizes that the army is rolling in on boats, he orders everyone to fall back to the ridge. Caesar tells Agron it's time to run away. And that's basically what happens.