Superstition Episodes


The Dredge possesses Calvin in order to break free of the Ring of Solomon and re-inhabit his original body.

The Hastings family is trapped in a time loop, designed to result in their deaths, unless they can find the root of the loop and break the spell.

Calvin tries to get to the bottom of some mysterious deaths at a nearby military base. Meanwhile, Garvey and Russ experiment with her powers.

Garvey & Russ venture into an old house, designed by a mysterious clock demon, who traps them inside. Calvin, Isaac, May and Bea's Cousin Leon try to free them, but will they do it in time?

Calvin and the gang take on a demonic doll intent on finding justice for her recently deceased, surrogate mom. Meanwhile, Isaac strikes an unlikely truce with Mayor Bickley.

The Dredge captures Calvin and tries to torture him into releasing the evil demons imprisoned in his ring.

The Dredge returns in the first part of this two-parter, but this time he inhabits the body of May's old flame, Dr. Kim.

The Hastings are visited by a local mystic (Aunt Nancy) who believes she has the answer to defeating The Dredge.

While on a case, May is sucked into a mysterious mirror world.

Isaac sends a mysterious half human/half infernal to help Calvin et al with the fight in La Rochelle. Meanwhile, Bea, Garvey and Tilly grapple with how to properly bury a known racist.