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Everything You Need to Know About The Movie Show

Nov 9 - 12:19pm

Join Wade, Deb, and Gary in a knee-slapping parody of a movie review show. See the two-night Series Premiere, November 27 and November 29 at 11/10c. 

E! People's Choice Awards 2020

Sep 30 - 11:45am

Voting begins October 1 

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with SYFY

Sep 14 - 3:59pm

The seasons may be changing, but SYFY's incredible content remains the same! Join us this fall as the fun continues! 

Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Wynonna Earp SYFY @ The ‘Con Panel

Aug 3 - 4:43pm

Earp escape rooms, Bobo Del Ray impersonations and more! 

Top 5 Reasons to Watch the TZGZ SYFY @ The ‘Con Panel

Aug 3 - 4:17pm

In case you missed it, the TZGZ panel at this year's Comic-Con is  definitely one to watch.

5 Inspiring Takeaways from Todd McFarlane SYFY @ 'The Con Panel

Aug 3 - 3:51pm

Check out some of the most motivational moments from the panel and key takeaways from Todd McFarlane’s inspiring story.

SYFY Partners with Todd McFarlane and GoFundMe

Jul 17 - 5:09pm

Want to win a chance to win limited edition merch, exclusively signed by Todd McFarlane? Now’s your chance! 

Join us for Fan Fest July 25 – August 2 on SYFY!

Jul 13 - 5:54pm

Need a reason to celebrate? Look no further than Fan Fest! Beginning July 25 through August 2.