Baron Vaughn will host SYFY WIRE's The Great Debate in Summer 2020

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 20:19

Got questions? A group of knowledgeable nerds have answers, thanks to the forthcoming SYFY WIRE series, The Great Debate. Hosted by comedian and actor Baron Vaughn (Grace & Frankie, Mystery Science Theater 3K), The Great Debate will be a touchstone of nerd culture. Vaughn will be joined by his robot sidekick, DB-8, and celeb panelists who will debate burning questions in science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics and general geekdom.

"Who'd be a worse boss, Darth Vader or the Joker?" and "Would you rather have a Green Lantern ring or a Wizard Wand?" Look out for the answers when The Great Debate premieres this Summer! Visit for the latest details.

H/T: Dateline