Making a Scene: Dive Into Universal’s The Invisible Man

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 17:34
Making a Scene: The Invisible Man
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In a new SYFY exclusive video, The Invisible Man director Leigh Whannell and Emmy-winning star Elisabeth Moss break down a scene from Universal Pictures’ upcoming thriller movie, inspired by Universal’s classic monster character.
The scene, which takes place early in the movie, sees Cecilia (Moss) spooked by an unseen presence.
“It’s definitely something that happens slowly, as she puts the pieces together,” Moss says of her character, who recently escaped an abusive relationship. “It was important to us to not have her be some sort of superhero right from the beginning.”
“It’s really just the stillness and the silence,” comments Whannell. “But somehow it’s tense.”
The Invisible Man sneaks into theaters February 28, 2020.