Mr. Scribbles

David Bizzaro

Mr. Scribbles is Jackie Jenning's sidekick on SYFY WIRE After Dark and a talking cat. A rascal, trickster, and potential time traveler, he's also Jackie's pet. Despite their mutual love for one another, living and working together is exhausting for them both. Well... maybe just for Jackie. Scribbles tries hard not to embody the cliche of a sassy talking animal sidekick, but it's almost impossible to avoid without strong feline role models. So Mr. Scribbles is forging his own path. A path that sometimes leads people to wonder whether he's a sociopath. But does it really matter when he's this cute?

About David Bizzaro

David Bizzaro – yes, that is his real name – is a Latinx TV and film director, actor, and Emmy award winning puppeteer based in NYC. He has over two decades of TV, film, puppetry, and puppet building experience working with culture-defining clients such as Sesame Street, The Jim Henson Company, and The Flaming Lips.

His award-winning short film about an avocado searching for its other half, The Pits, premiered at the 2017 New York International Children's Film Festival and was also selected as one of the 22 films to be in the NYICFF Best of Fest world tour. The Pits has played in 40+ film festivals around the world and was featured by the New York Times as one of the Jim Henson's Foundation short film selections. 

Recently, David has appeared on Comedy Central, puppeteered on SNL, and performed digital puppetry of a new Lego character for The Mill. As a longtime fan of SYFY, David was ecstatic to design, build, and perform the new ball of sunshine that is Mr. Scribbles. David bonded quickly with the SYFY WIRE team while developing Mr. Scribbles. Finding his character was especially fun when collaborating with showrunner Eve Penzer and producer Bex Schwartz. They all, unprompted, quoted Wet Hot American Summer as a source of inspiration for his silly, absurdist, and fun-loving spirit. It was truly a match made in puppet comedy heaven.

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