Every death in Chucky (so far), ranked by how brutal they are

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Every death in Chucky (so far), ranked by how brutal they are

Death is inevitable when Chucky is around, but not all his kills are equal.

CHUCKY 103 Still

Death is inevitable anywhere Chucky shows up — and now that the Good Guy doll embodying the spirit of notorious serial killer Charles Lee Ray has a show on SYFY & USA, he's really racking up a body count.

That's why we've decided to start a running list of all the deaths in Chucky, ranked by how truly brutal they are. Brutality can mean bloody, shocking, or even just having a huge impact on the character in this show, especially our hero Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur).

So, here they are, every death in Chucky (so far). Spoilers ahead, obviously.

5. Oliver Hayden

Oliver's (Avery Esteves) death by Chucky's stabby little hand in Episode 3, "I Like to Be Hugged," was an unnecessary tragedy. He wasn't perfect by any means, but he was a teen boy who didn't exactly deserve to die.

Chucky was just bored.

This death ranks so low on the list, however, because it's pretty par for the course in Chucky's book. He stabs Oliver to death, which isn't too creative. Not that it makes it any less horrifying.

4. Binx

Technically, Jake's cat is Chucky's first victim of the series if the bloody tuft of hair Jake finds in Episode 1 is any indication. We've yet to figure out what, exactly, Chucky did with Binx's body, and we're kind of too afraid to ask at this point... Which makes the death potentially more brutal, depending on your imagination.

Binx deserved better, but his immediate hatred for Chucky made him an easy mark. Sorry, Binxy. You'll be missed.

Chucky 102 Still

3. Annie the housekeeper

The Wheeler family's long-time housekeeper Annie (Erica Wood) definitely did not see her death coming until it was too late. When Chucky's looking to cause a little chaos in his new home, he takes some pent-up rage out on the housekeeper by pushing her into a dishwasher full of knives.

We will be the first to admit that pointing knives blade side-up in a dishwasher is, um, maybe not advisable? But that's not the point here.

It's not so much her brutal, totally avoidable death that ranks it so high on this list: It's the Wheeler family's reaction after. They reveal themselves to authorities to be far less caring for Annie than they thought themselves to be, once again showing how distant they are from reality. They didn't deserve Annie.

Chucky 104 Still

2. The Detective

In Episode 4, "Just Let Go," we get our fifth kill of the season and one of our most brutal yet. This detective has been sniffing around Jake as a suspect in the recent slew of murders ever since Luke died, which hasn't exactly made him a fan favorite. But that doesn't mean he deserved to be stabbed with so many syringes that he resembles a modern art piece by the time they find his body.

This death ranks so high for its bloody results and, let's be honest, how much more suspicion it pins on poor Jake. With Chucky leaving the body in little Caroline's hospital room, and Jake being so close to said body, it only seems like a matter of time before Detective Evans starts digging even deeper.

Chucky 101 Still

1. Luke Wheeler

Jake's dad Luke Wheeler (Devon Sawa) is Chucky's first (human) victim, and his death is a doozy. Not only is it exceptionally violent — Chucky uses the man's own whiskey as a conductor to fry him while he's messing with the circuit breaker — but it kicks off Jake's spiral. Just before he died, Luke and Jake got into a gangbusters fight, with Luke proving once again how emotionally and physically abusive he is to his son, and how broken their relationship is. After his death, Jake moves in with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, and everything unravels from there.

Losing a parent is obviously tragic, but there's an argument to be made for Jake being better off without his father, who was clearly never going to accept Jake for who he is. Even with Chucky at his side and causing havoc, there are already so many more opportunities in Jake's life. However, that doesn't lessen the horror of this death.

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