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SYFY WIRE Marvel's The Punisher

Deborah Ann Woll says Marvel's Punisher S2 is ‘likely’ last we’ll see of Karen Page, throwing more doubt on Daredevil

By Benjamin Bullard
Daredevil via official Deborah Ann Woll Instagram 2019

Marvel star Deborah Ann Woll has dropped some bittersweet news on social media that throws an extra helping of doubt on Daredevil’s immediate future, while at least assuring fans of Marvel’s shrinking Netflix lineup that they’ll get to see her one last time as Karen Page.

Posting to Instagram, Woll confirmed that she’s in the upcoming second season of The Punisher — but that it’ll “most likely” mark her last turn as Karen Page on any of the Hell’s Kitchen shows at Netflix, and that the whole thing has her a little crestfallen.

Woll isn’t the only main cast member who’s voiced a deep affection for the show, as well as the hope that Disney finds it a new home following its cancellation at Netflix after Season 3 released last October.

Matt Murdock himself recently threw his support behind #SaveDaredevil, the fan-organized effort to persuade Disney that a Season 4 of the hit show — among the most viewed on all of Netflix at the time of its cancellation — needs to happen. “I found out the other day there's this petition, #SaveDaredevil," Charlie Cox reportedly told a fan panel over the weekend at the ACE Comic Con in Arizona. “You can sign it. Sign it!”

The love from both Woll and Cox comes on the heels of earlier endorsements for the fan campaign from Vincent D’Onofrio (longtime big bad Wilson Fisk) and Amy Rutberg (attorney Marci Stahl, who transforms from Foggy’s antagonist to his love interest). Both actors tweeted their support for #SaveDaredevil not long after the fan site went live.

The petition associated with the effort had surpassed 175,000 signatures at the time of this posting, and is part of a bigger campaign that includes letter-writing and even sending back-of-napkin messages to Marvel and Disney, with the goal of finding a new home for the show — perhaps at Hulu or Disney+ — rather than holding out hope that it might return to Netflix.

As for The Punisher and what could be the last we’ll see of Woll in Hell’s Kitchen, tune in to Netflix starting Jan. 18, when Frank Castle (John Bernthal) returns to square off against Jigsaw (Ben Barnes) — with one final bit of help, we’re both sad and happy to say, from Karen Page.