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WIRE Buzz: Hulu's Hardy Boys sleuths dark first trailer; Walking Dead teases 'Splinter' of S10; more

By Josh Weiss & Vanessa Armstrong
The Hardy Boys

In recent years, Hollywood has taken beloved YA of source material — be it comics or novels — and turned it into dark and mature pieces of television. The CW kicked off the trend with Riverdale, which was eventually followed by Nancy Drew. Now, Hulu is getting in on the action by turning more young sleuths, the iconic Hardy Boys, into a cross between Stephen King and David Fincher. The first trailer for the new series (premiering early next month) is now online, and feels more like a teaser for Netflix's Mindhunter than it does for an adaptation of novels for young readers.

In terms of story, things kick off when Frank Hardy (Rohan Campbell), 16, and his brother Joe (Alexander Elliot), 12, move to their parents' hometown of  Bridgeport for the summer after tragedy strikes. They're sent to stay with Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos), but end up in a web of mystery after discovering that their dad, detective Fenton Hardy (James Tupper), has taken on a secret investigation. Soon, everyone in town becomes a suspect.

Watch the trailer now:

Created by Edward Stratemeyer in the late 1920s, The Hardy Boys IP spawned dozens upon dozens of books that are still being published today. The franchise has also branched out into video games, board games, comics, and several other TV shows, some of which date back to the 1950s and '60s. The fresh series was first confirmed by Observer last September. Athena Georgaklis, Joan Lambur, Peter Mohan, Doug Murphy, Jason Stone, and Pam Westman serve as executive producers.

The reimagined Hardy Boys follows the clues onto Hulu Friday, Dec. 4.

Back in early September, AMC announced that it was adding six more episodes to Season 10 of The Walking Dead. Thanks to a three-minute video posted to the show's official YouTube account, fans can now get a sneak peek at an upcoming episode entitled "Splinter."

The video features a virtual table read of part of the script with cast members Khary Payton ("Ezekiel"), Eleanor Matsuura ("Yumiko"), Cooper Andrews ("Jerry"), Josh McDermitt ("Eugene Porter"), and Paola Lázaro ("Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez"). Andrews reads the screen direction for the sequence, which is set in a train-yard and precedes the end of Act III. Things get tense when Ezekiel wonders aloud if Eugene has finally put his trust in the wrong people.

Watch now:

The six additional episodes are expected to air on AMC in early 2021. The long-running series will end after Season 11 (slated to start airing in 2022) before spinning off into a brand-new show centered around Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride). 

After months of COVID-related delay, Season 10 was able to air its 16th episode/original season finale, "A Certain Doom," last month.

When Dwayne Johnson calls you, it’s probably with good news. That was the lucky lesson actor Aldis Hodge (The Invisible Man) learned when he was cast as Hawkman in the upcoming Black Adam film, where Dwayne Johnson plays the titular superhero.

When Johnson called Hodge to tell him he had the part, Hodge first thought it was a prank. But when he realized it wasn't, he thought Johnson was calling him as a courtesy to let him know he didn’t get the part.

“There was some part of my brain that said, ‘He’s calling to tell me that I didn’t get the job,’” Hodge said in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “So I was preparing for that while I was in a state of disbelief. And when he said, ‘Welcome to Black Adam,’ it was literally like what I imagined winning the lottery to feel like.”

Aldis Hodge The Invisible Man

Hodge went on to share how being cast in a superhero film has been a lifelong dream of his. “I had been very, very much looking forward to being a part of any kind of superhero universe,” he shared. “I didn’t care what it was for such a long time just because I had been such a fan. I grew up on graphic novels. I got into the business so I could earn money to buy Batman toys, you know? It was like 13 to 15 years of constantly going up to bat and getting told no. So it really was a validation of those last few years of pursuit, hustle and preparation.”

Hodge is likely able to buy all the Batman toys he wants now that he’s Hawkman. The theatrical premiere of Black Adam was initially set for December 21, 2020, but with the coronavirus lingering, Warner Bros. has since removed it from their theatrical release schedule with no new release date announced.