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Abigail Co-Stars Praise Fierce Commitment of Alisha Weir

As Abigail heads home, let's take a closer look at its title star. 

By Matthew Jackson

Radio Silence's Abigail, one of the wildest horror movie rides of the year so far, comes home this week. The unlikely vampiric ballerina story has just hit digital, giving fans everywhere the chance to rediscover the film, or see it for the very first time. 

To celebrate, Universal Pictures has begun dropping special features from the film online, including a new featurette that's all about the star power behind Abigail herself, Alisha Weir. An acclaimed stage and screen actor whose previous films include Matilda: The Musical, Weir had the dance skills and the acting chops to make the child vampire Abigail work on the big screen. But even knowing her experience, Weir's co-stars were wowed by what she brought to the very first table read.

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"From the very first table read we all looked at each other and went 'Well, we're in good hands,'" costar Kathryn Newton said in the featurette above. 

In the video, you'll see Weir doing everything from laughing and smiling with her castmates to launching into full monstrous vampire mode, fake teeth and all, sometimes with the help of wires, all while her co-stars and her directors praise the talent she brought to the film's title role.

Abigail (Alisha Weir) busts through a door in Abigail (2024).

"She gave probably the best read-through performance I've ever seen, flawless American accent, and only afterwards did I discover that she's from Dublin, and that she's never had a dialect coach," costar Dan Stevens said. "She just watches the telly."

With an ensemble cast that also includes Melissa Barrera, Kevin Durand, and Giancarlo Esposito, Abigail follows what happens when a group of unsuspecting criminals agree to abduct and hold the daughter of a very powerful man in exchange for a ransom. What they get instead is a nightmare, as the young girl in a ballet outfit proves to be much more than they can handle. 

Abigail is available on Digital now from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, and hits DVD and Blu-ray July 9.