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Deadly Threats Await the Crew of SYFY's The Ark in First Interstellar Season 2 Trailer (Watch)

The sci-fi series hails from co-creators Dean Devlin (Independence Day) and Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1).

By Josh Weiss

The just released official trailer for Season 2 of SYFY's The Ark (returning to the airwaves July 17) is a veritable rollercoaster of sci-fi emotions. After learning that their original destination was no longer a viable option for colonization, the members of the spaceship Ark One must seek out a new planet on which to propagate the human race.

How to Watch

Watch the Season 2 premiere of The Ark on Wednesday, July 17 at 10/9c on SYFY. Catch up on Season 1 on Peacock.

The new footage begins on a hopeful note, with Lt. Sharon Garnet (Christie Burke) and her comrades downing a round of shots over the prospect of a "brighter future." But, as you might expect, things don't go smoothly as the ship changes course and the crew encounters a new set of "deadly threats" — from distress signals put out by other Ark vessels to what appears to be sentient electricity. Buckle up, folks!

The first season left the crew of Ark One in major chaos, with the ship heavily damaged and the survivors at the mercy of a rival ship's captain as their only hope for rescue. From the looks of the first footage, Season 2 looks to pick up right in the wake of that action — and we can't wait to see what happens.

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Watch the Official Trailer for Season 2 of SYFY's Hit Series The Ark

When Does The Ark Season 2 Premiere on SYFY?

The Ark will return to SYFY for its second season on Wednesday, July 17 at 10/9c.

What Is SYFY's The Ark About?

LT. Spencer Lane (Reece Ritchie) and Angus Medford (Ryan Adams) step out of a hole wearing spacesuits on The Ark Season 2.

Created by co-showrunners  Dean Devlin (Independence Day) and Jonathan Glassner (Stargate SG-1), The Ark takes place 100 years in the future, where a dying Earth has prompted humanity to seek out other planets capable of sustaining our species. Taking inspiration from the Biblical story of Noah and the great flood, the world's greatest minds construct Arks capable of traversing the cosmos.

The main narrative takes place aboard the interstellar vessel known as Ark One, whose passengers must band together in an effort to survive and complete their mission after an unforeseen disaster kills off a number of essential crew members. Christie Burke (Lt. Sharon Garnet), Richard Fleeshman (Lt. James Brice,), Reece Ritchie (Lt. Spencer Lane), Stacey Read (Alicia Nevins), and Ryan Adams (Angus Medford) reprise their characters from Season 1. 

"What people care most about is the characters," Devlin told SYFY WIRE ahead of the show's premiere last year. "Do they relate to them? Are they unique? Are they surprising? Are they compelling? Do I love them? Do I hate them? And yes, our plots are important, the stories are important, but it's always secondary to the characters. So the trick is trying to make a diverse group of people who think differently, who act differently, who talk differently. And then to find actors who are compelling; people you want to watch week after week."

Marc Roskin and Rachel Olschan-Wilson serve as executive producers alongside Devlin and Glassner. Jonathan English and Mark Franco are producers.

Where to Stream Season 1 of The Ark

Season 1 of The Ark, which reached 6.5 million viewers across all platforms during its first season, is now streaming on Peacock! Season 2 debuts July 17 on SYFY.

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