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Bobby Moynihan Joins the Cast of Syfy's "Happy!"

Mar 23 - 6:21pm

Come on and get happy (sorry, we had to) with this Saturday Night Live castmember.

NEW! 3D Models of The Magicians and The Expanse

Feb 9 - 11:33am

Outfit your desk with items like The White Lady and The Canterbury.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Syfy Series Superstition

Dec 12 - 1:38pm

Mario Van Peebles teams up with Syfy for a new series called "Superstition".

20 Things Syfy is Thankful For This Year

Nov 23 - 7:00am

In addition to turkey dinner and family, here's a list of other things we're super grateful for this year.

Stranger In A Strange Land… Lands On Syfy!

Nov 16 - 3:35pm

Billy Joel sees the importance of Robert A. Heinlein’s novel Stranger In A Strange Land and so does Syfy.

The Original Blair Witch Project: Where Are they Now?

Sep 14 - 7:00am

Three film students walk into a bar …er… the woods, and the rest is film history. Find out where they are now.

The Nightmare of Friday the 13th

May 10 - 12:30pm

For those of you suffering from a crippling case of paraskevidekatriaphobia, (yes that's a real word), fear of Friday the 13th, Syfy wants to make sure that all of your greatest horror dreams - or nightmares - come true. We've got a horror marathon slated for this Friday the 13th that is...

Dead 7: Tearin' Up My Heart, Brains, and Limbs

Apr 5 - 3:43pm

Dead 7 came rocketing onto our screens and into our hearts this weekend with a 90s boyband sized bang! It's kind if like Hateful 8 were written by Nick Carter and produced by the same dudes as Sharknado.