Trailer for Coco looks like the next star in Pixar's constellation

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Jun 15, 2017, 9:46 PM EDT (Updated)

The trailer for Pixar’s next movie, Coco, is here, following on the teaser released three months ago. It's about Miguel, a boy who finds his way to the Land of the Dead and has to return to the land of the living. And it looks fantastic.

It’s been a year since Pixar wowed us with Finding Dory, and that means it’s been 11+ months of waiting for the animation studio’s next film. (Okay, so the next entry, Cars 3, which drops this month, may not be all that exciting to sci-fi fans.) With its tale of the importance of family and its distinctive look, Coco looks like the next star in Pixar’s constellation.

Think I’m being overeager? I’ll have you know that it was co-directed by Lee Unkrich, who directed Toy Story 3, a movie that moved me to tears. Me. I’m made of stone, people. Joining Unkrich as co-director is Adrian Molina, who contributed to the screenplay of The Good Dinosaur. Dude, where’s my theater tickets?

Okay, so it’s strongly reminiscent of the 2014 movie The Book of Life. But I’m confident there’s room in my heart for two animated movies about the Mexican Day of the Dead.