1-minute Super 8 TV trailer has new footage ... and old plot?

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Nov 20, 2019, 6:51 PM EST (Updated)

J.J. Abrams has had his hands on some serious geek hits in the last decade. Star Trek, Lost, Fringe, Cloverfield ... he's either written it, produced it, directed it or served beer to the crew. But the more we see of Abrams' upcoming Super 8, the more it starts to seem awfully familiar.

Writer and director Abrams has long denied that Super 8 has any connection to his 2008 movie, Cloverfield. But in this one-minute TV trailer—which has some footage that wasn't in the original—we see a lot of the same elements. Mega-sized, mysterious monster? Check. Amateur cinematographers who capture important footage? Check. A small group of friends trying to survive? Check. Military presence? You know the drill.

This doesn't mean that Super 8 won't be a wonderful film, filled with adventure and excitement. We've already noted that Super 8 is one of the few original sci-fi movies this year, one that isn't based on an already existing property.

Maybe there are just varying degrees of the word "original."

See the trailer below.

(via Ain'tItCool)

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