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10 amazing #Creators4Comics auctions for FANGRRLS

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Apr 20, 2020, 11:00 AM EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit most industries pretty hard, and comics are no different. Comic shops around the country have shuttered. Distribution has halted, and so has the production of many books. Where the industry is going to go from here, it’s hard to say, but comics have been through some pretty hard times and made it through. No matter how rough things get, there are always people working behind the scenes to make for a better future.

Case in point, the Twitter auction #Creators4Comics. Gwenda Bond, Kami Garcia, Brian Michael Bendis, Sam Humphries, and Phil Jimenez teamed up to create this online charity event, the proceeds of which will go to comic book stores that have been forced to close during the pandemic. FANGRRLS faves like Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Danny Lore are teaming up to offer many unique items.

We created a go-to guide of some of the auctions currently available for FANGRRLS looking to join the fun for a good cause. This is nowhere near the end of the amazing auctions at all price tiers, so if you want to find more, follow the hashtag #Creators4Comics! All auctions end on April 20, so get your bids in now!

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Top stories
bop gail

A Zoom Video Call with Jurnee Smollett and Rosie Perez!

It's no secret that a lot of us here at FANGRRLS love Gail Simone — her comics, her Twitter account, her place in feminist history — truly, one of the greats. So it might not surprise anyone that Gail is out here upping the ante by offering not one but several auctions, and each one is somehow cooler than the last. What brings us here today is the Birds of Prey signed script and comics lot comes with many extras, including a rare Birds of Prey special issue, a T-shirt signed by screenwriter Christina Hodson, and the small matter of a personal Zoom call with Jurnee Smollett and Rosie Perez. The Jurnee Smollett! The Rosie Perez! This is the stuff FANGRRLS dreams are made of.


Get drunk with Leah Williams on Skype while she gives you a tour of her Animal Crossing island

Leah Williams has been putting in the work to help comic shops by compiling a master list of places that are still open or at least offering pull lists and curbside pickup. Teaming up to rally for the future of comics retailers has been a lot of her Twitter feed lately, and that is the kind of can-do, world-shaking attitude we like to see from the great creators of our day. Of course, what brings us here today is her auction, in which one lucky bidder will win a drunken tour of her Animal Crossing Island. The twists and turns that an island created by an X-Men writer could take are a little overwhelming to even imagine, but we do know this - some things are just priceless.


Kieron Gillen Hosts An Exclusive RPG for up to five people based on the comic DIE

Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans' comic book DIE has generated massive buzz for its unique concept — an RPG turned reality but all taking place within a comic, with an accompanying real-world RPG available for megafans. The creativity behind this venture is already a little bit groundbreaking and has helped bridge the gap between RPG advocates and comic fans, for whom there was already significant crossover. You know who else loves RPGs? Us. For #Creators4Comics, Gillen is offering to host a full game for some lucky fans.

captain marvel chat

Kelly Sue DeConnick's Zoom calls

If everyone at FANGRRLS wrote down their top three favorite comic writers down, chances are most of them would turn up KSD. Her auctions will truly give her fans (aka us) a reason to rejoice! DeConnick is another person who is offering multiple lots, including a dinner party via Zoom with none other than Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction. She's also auctioning off her Captain Marvel exclusive "cast and crew" jacket, but what brings us here today is the Zoom call between prominent Captain Marvel comic writers — Kelly Thompson, Gene Conway, Margaret Stohl, Sam Maggs, and of course, DeConnick herself. It's no secret that we adore a lot of Carol Danvers stories, and this call will include a lot of the all-time experts.

makeup tutorial

Danny Lore & Liana Kangas Make-Up & Fandom Chat

This epic team-up of two of comics' greatest make-up artists will be a gift for the ages for one lucky winner. Titled "Get Ready With Us" and offering an in-depth discussion on make-up and fandom from those who know these things best, this is an offbeat auction that will no doubt make its winner a very happy person. Any cosplayers that are looking to up their game, apply here — by bidding on this excellent auction!


Visit a set with Marc Guggenheim

The executive producer of many an Arrowverse show, Marc Guggenheim, is offering a visit to any show he is associated with as an auction item. This includes sets where magic like Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl happen, and those are two of FANGRRLS absolute favorite shows so you can probably tell already where we're trying to steer this ship. Being able to see it all firsthand without being a part of the crew will be a unique experience, and though the bidding began at a cool $5,000, it's going to make one lucky fan a very happy camper. Whatever show the winner chooses, you can bet we're going to be liking those Instagram photos.


Zoom with Mariko Tamaki

Mariko Tamaki is among the rare creators that receive equal enthusiasm from literary comics fans and superhero fans alike. Her recent Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass graphic novel certainly won over a lot of FANGRRLS with the brilliant take on the relationship between Harleen Quinnzel and Pamela Isley. She is offering a comic auction that comes complete with a one-on-one Zoom call. Emphasizing that the call is comics-only, Mariko adds, " I make no claim to have an exhaustive encyclopedia of comics 411 so you might spend most of the conversation informing ME." Yet her excellent bibliography should give FANGRRLS from far and wide plenty to chat about all on its lonesome.

amy chu

Amy Chu quarantine care package

One of the more tender offerings on the auction page includes the Amy Chu Quarantine Care Package. Chu is one of the best Red Sonja writers of our age, but despite her prowess writing the highly violent She-Devil with a Sword, this auction is downright heartwarming. This package comes with two surgical masks, hand sanitizer, and a fidget spinner besides a signed copy of her comic Sea Sirens to get you safely through your social distancing. Amy Chu has had one of the great Red Sonja runs in the history of the character, and her recent Red Sonja & Vampirella Meets Betty & Veronica was one of our picks for best comic of 2019, so we're rushing to bid on this one ourselves!

the rock

Fanfiction featuring you and The Rock by Tres Dean

Tres Dean's ode to The Rock is the ultimate in fandom - featuring essays and extras that poke fun at our cultural obsession with this guy while remaining fully dedicated to his output. For #Creators4Comics, Dean is offering a signed copy of For Your Consideration, which comes along with an exclusive fanfiction written featuring the winner and The Rock. This is going to make some lucky FANGRRL very happy. Nerdery is a truly beautiful thing!

earth's mightiest

An Unproduced Alternate Script for The Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes cartoon

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was a truly a great cartoon, and it gave many a FANGRRL their introduction to such incredible characters as the Wasp and the Scarlet Witch. If you like the animated Avengers universe, chances are you know of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes take on the iconic Marvel villain Doctor Doom. Writer Christopher Yost is offering many excellent auctions, but this one is a treat — an unproduced alternate script that never saw the light of day titled Emperor Doom. Avengers fans are no doubt already tripping over themselves to go bid!