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10 amazing Star Wars recipes you need to look at immediately

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May 4, 2018, 3:38 PM EDT

One of my favorite "what I'm doing is boring — it's time to procrastinate" activities is searching for fun recipes online. It's not because I'd ever actually make these recipes. No. While I'm a pretty good cook, the recipes I seek out are inevitably complicated and imaginative dessert concoctions.

It's especially fun to search for a movie or franchise or property I adore and see what people much, much more creative than me have come up with. I have so much respect for people who spend the time and effort to come up with these masterful creations that I can then ogle and share with you all. And that's why I'm presenting a list of the 10 coolest Star Wars recipes I've found on the internet.

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yoda bundt cake

Yoda Bundt Cake

This might seem like a regular (amazing looking, chocolate-drizzled) bundt cake, but there's a Yoda-shaped surprise lurking inside. Literally. The genius over at Sugar Swings figured out how to put a green, Yoda shaped head cake INSIDE the bundt cake. 

stormtrooper cheese ball

Stormtrooper Cheese Ball

This is on the savory side, but Diana Johnson over at SheKnows had a pretty ingenius idea for your next gathering. After all, who wouldn't want to obtain their cheesy snack from the inside of a stormtrooper's head? Best of all, this is actually a recipe I might make one day, if only because it seems pretty simple.

Star Wars Tauntaun cookies

Tauntaun Cookies

These cookies from Just Jenn are so adorable. It was honestly hard to pick just one recipe of hers because her website is full of so many different awesome Star Wars recipes. It's worth going through her archives and just marveling at her creativity and salivating at how good it all looks.

star wars macarons

Star Wars Macarons

I will never, ever put the work into making macarons from scratch. I'm too lazy. If you're in the same boat, you could make these amazing Star Wars macarons from SemiSweet Designs with pre-bought cookies! Sure, it's not as impressive, but no one has to know.

Star Wars BB-8 Cupcakes

BB-8 Cupcakes

These BB-8 cupcakes from Baking Mischief are cute enough to eat...but I guess that's the point. Seriously, though, the heads are made with mini-cupcakes that you put on top of regular cupcakes, and it's just adorable. 

sarlaac bundt cake star wars

Sarlaac Bundt Cake

I honestly have no words to express my love for this bundt cake from Yummy Crumble. It looks so good, and so impressive, that I want to sacrifice myself to the Sarlaac just so I can be one with this cake. But I'd settle for eating it.

porg pops star wars

Porg Pops

Our very own Tye Lombardi taught all of us how to make Porg cake pops (called Porg Pops) here at Fangrrls, and they are absolutely adorable. And they also look delicious. (Sorry, Porgs, you're cute, but I'm with Chewie on this one. NOM.)

jabba the hummus

Jabba the Hummus

Okay, I know I said I had no words about the Sarlaac Bundt Cake, but.


The best part of ASDA Good Living's Jabba the Hummus (that will never get old) recipe is that it's basically just... hummus. So you could easily buy readymade hummus and mold it into the shape of Jabba and cut up some vegetables for the eyes and mouth. It's awesome.

aunt beru's blue milk recipe

Aunt Beru's Blue Milk

If you need an adult pick-me-up, look no further than this Aunt Beru Blue Milk recipe from Two Red Bowls. It uses amaretto and Curacao to create what looks to be a smooth-looking beverage that probably tastes a lot better than actual blue milk.

Preeti's Angry Kylo Ren Cookie