The 10 biggest stories from Comic-Con you need to know about

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Jul 24, 2013, 8:58 AM EDT

To say there was a lot of big news out of San Diego Comic-Con this year would be an understatement. So, from Avengers to Walking Dead, what were some of the biggest stories?

Studios came out in force to show off a ton of new footage, plus fans in attendance got a first look at some of the TV shows that will be blowing us away this fall. Oh yeah, and they got a first look at footage from future blockbusters that the rest of us won’t get to see for a year or more.

So, as we try to digest all the great headlines that blew us away the past week, get caught up with some of the biggest stories we reported from Comic-Con 2013 (with links!) below.

Whedon reveals Avengers 2 is all about Ultron

Marvel knows how to work a crowd, and they tapped mastermind Joss Whedon to drop a bombshell at the very end of the panel to let us all know the spoiler-ific title of the Avengers sequel: Age of Ultron. The film will take some inspiration from the recent comic storyline, though Whedon plans on making some major changes, so there’s no telling what he has in store.

1st bloody trailer for Walking Dead S4 lives up to the hype

Zombie fans have been clamoring for a peek at what new showrunner Scott Gimple is cooking up for season four, and AMC blew everyone’s socks off with a lengthy new trailer that showed off a ton of footage. From the new-look version of the prison filled with Woodbury refugees to all the new faces stepping up into key roles, this explosive trailer left fans clamoring for more.

DC announces Batman vs. Superman is coming

Fans have been clamoring for years to see Batman and Superman duke it out on the big screen, and the WB and DC are finally making it a reality. With Man of Steel a solid hit, the studio is comfortable enough to put director Zack Snyder in charge of making it happen. It’ll be interesting to see how he approaches the Batman canon, and it’ll be one heck of a job making them both work in the same movie. Let’s all just hope it’s good.

Vin Diesel hints at a mysterious future Marvel role

A social media guru, Vin Diesel has been keeping fans on the edge of their seats with all these mysterious reports of meetings with Marvel. He took all that buzz to a new level at Comic-Con, dropping even more hints that left us all tantalized and confused. Could he be playing Vision? Thanos? Rocket Raccoon? We have no clue, but we’re dying to find out.

ALL the X-Men showed up to promote Days of Future Past

Original X-Men mastermind Bryan Singer is back running the show, and he made a massive splash to promote the upcoming sequel Days of Future Past. Singer decided to bring the entire cast — spanning both the First Class and original trilogy franchises — and thrilled fans who have been dying for any tidbit on the flick.

Tribute to the dearly departed Game of Thrones characters

HBO’s hit fantasy series has killed a ton of characters along the way, and the producers put together a beautifully awesome farewell to all the dearly departed. Seriously, there’s a lot. Heck, the Red Wedding alone made up a good chunk of it.

Harrison Ford addresses Orson Scott Card controversy surrounding Ender’s Game

The controversy surrounding the upcoming sci-fi epic Ender’s Game has been heating up for months, as boycotts have been threatened because of author Orson Scott Card’s opinions on same-sex marriage. Everyone has been commenting on it, and star Harrison Ford chimed in at Comic-Con.

Abrams' new series Almost Human looks like a sci-fi hit

Sure, it’s sad that we lost Fringe. But J.J. Abrams and fellow Fringe producer J.H. Wyman have a new sci-fi series that looks like it could fill the void. Those lucky folks at Comic-Con got a chance to watch the pilot, and the series generated a ton of buzz. Focusing on a future cop who is teamed with an android, the series is said to be the perfect combination of future sci-fi and cop procedural.

The entire cast of Guardians of the Galaxy showed up -- and Karen Gillan shaved her head!

Yeah, Marvel had a fair share of big announcements at Comic-Con, but one of the biggest surprises turned out to be the full cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. Why was this so cool? Because the flick has only been shooting for three weeks, and director James Gunn brought some super early footage to show off. 

NBC's Revolution gets even bloodier in 1st look at season 2

This series was one of the few new sci-fi hits from last year, and the first full trailer for season two showed the world is about to get a whole lot bigger and bloodier. The first season ended on some major reveals, and the first trailer for season two showed they plan to capitalize.