10 episodes that prove Enterprise is worthy of the name Star Trek

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Sep 22, 2016, 3:23 PM EDT

Enterprise is sometimes treated like the red-headed stepchild of the Star Trek universe. It was criminally canceled after only four seasons and, during the time that it aired, faced near Star-Wars-prequel levels of criticism.

But it's Star Trek's 50th anniversary, and if there's a better time to say it I can't think of one -- Enterprise is a fantastic show. It's got heart, it's got humor, it's got tough guys with blue skin and antennae, Vulcans being villainous, Archer's adorable dog, Porthos, arguably the best doctor in the history of Starfleet, and about a million other things that just make it a joy to watch.

Words alone can't do Enterprise justice. Thankfully, we put together a video showing off 10 Enterprise episodes that prove it's worthy of the name Star Trek. And I narrated it!


Please watch it anyway.

Note: This video does contain spoilers for a few episodes.

If you fell off the Enterprise wagon (or never watched it at all), I hope you've got new reasons to check it out now. And do let us know what your favorite Enterprise episodes are.