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Beyonce is a walking superhero already

10 fierce superheroes the goddess Beyoncé should play

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Feb 26, 2020, 3:48 PM EST (Updated)

Social media has been abuzz with photos and videos from Coachella, but no act has drawn more attention than Beyoncé. Returning for the second weekend, the iconic singer served up some serious looks worthy of a superhero as she impressed fans both at the festival and at home with her empowering set.

Many fans even suggested that she could appear in a comic book movie of her own, this FANGRRL included, so what better way to celebrate Beychella than coming up with a few superwomen this particular superwoman could bring to life on the big screen?

Beyoncé has proven that she has some acting chops, thanks to her role in Dreamgirls, so if any casting directors for Disney or Warner Bros. are reading this, here’s a few ideas for bringing her into the superhero fold.

Adept (AKA Jelene Anderson)


Adept was a devout Christian who sacrificed her life to save the world (Marvel)

In an alternate Marvel universe, where an alien menace known as The Horde is doing a pretty good job of conquering Earth, the planet’s best line of defense is Strikeforce Morituri. This team gains its powers through a scientific process that, if an individual is compatible, will make them superhuman for a year. Once that year is over, they will die as their human body rejects the program.

Jelene Anderson is a member of this squad and a devout Christian until the Morituri test proves she's compatible and she chooses to devote her life to keeping Earth safe. After going through the procedure, her body manifests the basic superstrength powers—but for Jelene specifically, she gains the ability to analyze every situation, then strategize and produce the most efficient measures to survive, escape, defend, or beat it. Hence the superhero name.

As a self-contained movie, or even an extension of the Phase 4 MCU, Adept would be a brilliant addition, and Beyoncé could definitely play this open-minded, religious hero with heart and depth.



Bumblebee was a member of the Teen Titans (DC)

Karen Beecher is DC Comics' first African-American female superhero—though at first she's just faking it. Initially, she dresses up as a bumblebee to attack the Teen Titans (among them, her boyfriend Herald), but manages to escape without her identity being revealed. When she eventually comes clean, they're impressed and let her join the team. Later, she gains powers through a specially designed suit. She's also ridiculously smart and helps out at S.T.A.R. Labs to build non-lethal weapons.

Bumblebee was also part of the Doom Patrol that took down the Aristocrats and the Secret Six. Bey could totally play an older version of Karen in one of the upcoming DCEU movies. 

Crimson Avenger


Jill is one of three Crimson Avenger (DC)

Crimson Avenger has come in three guises since 1938, but we care most about Jill Carlyle’s iteration. A former criminal attorney, Jill acts as judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to bad guys. 

It’s after using a pair of cursed guns (that were owned by the previous Crimson Avenger) to take out a criminal who got away that she becomes bound to track down and kill those who have taken innocent lives. She’s basically a spirit of vengeance who has the ability to teleport and use the memories and skills of the deceased she’s avenging—not to mention she brandishes a gun that never runs out of ammo, never misses a shot, and can injure Superman.

She’s a badass bish who takes no prisoners. Sounds like a role for Sasha Fierce to me.

Emily Preston


Preston runs with Deadpool (Marvel)

Preston is a character who would bring out Beyoncé’s funny and relatable side. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent first appears in Deadpool Vol. 3, trying to recruit the titular hero to be part of a secret mission to assassinate a load of undead U.S. presidents who had been brought to life by the Necromancer. 

Poor Em is killed, and her consciousness gets transferred into Deadpool for a bit until she’s given a body of her own. She featured with Deadpool from 2013 to 2017, so she could easily be revamped and brought to life in a future movie.

Friction (AKA Charlotte “Charly” Beck)


Friction appeared in DP7 back in the '80s (Marvel)

Friction is an '80s hero, part of the New Universe Marvel Imprint which followed people who spontaneously discovered abilities and sought professional help to cope with them. Charly is one of these people, a college student who joins the DP7 therapy group after developing the ability to control friction. This means she can make things stick together, or take it away entirely so people fall over.

Charly is a pretty good dancer, too, so Bey is more than qualified for that aspect of the role, and who knows, maybe DP7 could be a quirky Legion-style movie that Beyoncé could wave her freak flag in.

Jet (AKA Celia Windward)


Jet appeared in the Justice League and the Suicide Squad (DC)

Jet is part of the New Guardians, a 10-strong team created by the Guardians of the Universe (who formed the Green Lantern Corp) to be the next variation of their race. Each member was granted immortality and the ability to wield power over different fundamental forces of the Universe.

Originally known as Celia, a Jamaican woman living in the UK, she becomes Jet after being chosen along with nine other humans and gains the ability to control electromagnetic energy. It’s looking likely that Warner Bros. will be rebooting Green Lantern, and as the Corps and the New Guardians stories are intertwined, Jet could certainly be a cool new addition to the DCEU.

Kick-Ass (Patience Lee)


Patience Lee is the new Kick-Ass

Mark Millar’s rebooted Kick-Ass series has seen Dave replaced by Patience, a single mother and war veteran who takes up the superhero mantle in order to steal from the criminally rich and give to the poor, herself included.

Millar has already said that he’d like Tessa Thompson to play the role, but as she’s tied up with Marvel right now she might not be able to do both. If that’s the case, why not give Beyoncé a go? Patience is a brilliant and fierce fighter who stops at nothing for her family. Queen Bey would probably do the same.



Nubia is Wonder Woman's sister (DC)

There will probably be several Wonder Woman movies, so hopefully at some point they will introduce Diana’s sister, Nubia. She was formed by Queen Hippolyta too (her being was made using dark clay), but was kidnapped by Mars and brainwashed into attacking her sister.

It would certainly make for an epic storyline, goddess versus goddess, if these two battle only to team up against Mars in the final act and save the day. Beyoncé is already a goddess, so we’re halfway there on this one.

Monica Rambeau


Monica Rambeau was the original Captain Marvel (Marvel)

Beyoncé’s momma’s Louisiana, so she’d probably nail the role of Monica Rambeau. She was Captain Marvel before Carol Danvers showed up, having first been a lieutenant in the New Orleans harbor patrol. Monica winds up being exposed to extra-dimensional energy that gives her the power to convert her body into energy, so she uses her gift to fight crime.

Not only does Monica become the first African-American woman in the Avengers, but she ends up leading the team. Let’s hope that Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomes this groundbreaking character, with Beyoncé playing the role or not.

Skyrocket (Celia Forrestal)


Skyrocket is a US aviator (DC)

Lieutenant Celia Forrestal is an aviator in the U.S. Navy, and one of the best, but because of racism and sexism within the institution she's stuck being a training instructor. She becomes a superhero after her scientist parents invent the Argo Harness, an exo-suit that allows the wearer to fly and create kinetic energy that can be used as a weapon.

When terrorists kill her parents over the Harness, Celia decides to take the name Skyrocket, become a hero full-time and aid the likes of Superman, Nightwing, and Livewire in various DC storylines including Infinite Crisis.

Vixen (AKA Mari Jiwe McCabe)


Vixen has the power of the animal kingdom (DC)

Vixen’s powers come from a family totem passed down through the centuries from her ancestor, the Ghanan warrior Tantu. It allows the wearer to wield the powers of the animal kingdom as long as they are used to protect the innocent.

Vixen has teamed up with both the Justice League and the Suicide Squad, giving her an in to appear in DC’s cinematic universe. The character has enjoyed her own animated web series, and has been seen on the small screen in two forms. Megalyn Echikunwoke, who voiced the animated role, appeared in Arrow, while Maisie Richardson-Sellers played her in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. As Ezra Miller plays The Flash in the DC films, and Grant Gustin the same hero in the TV series, a Beyoncé-looking Vixen could always make a movie appearance too.

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